Find a Horse Rescue With This Interactive Map

Looking to adopt a new rescue horse? Want to volunteer or make a donation? Look no further!

The Jodhpurs Company has put together an interactive map showing the location and description of America’s horse rescues. This is by no means a complete list — new rescues are being added every day, so bookmark this link for future reference!

Any dedicated horse rescue may be listed on the map — rescues are not required to be listed as 501(c)(3).

Note: map takes a few moments to populate.

Courtesy of The Jodhpurs Company

Want to get your rescue included on the map? Simply contact The Jodhpurs Company and they will happy to include you!

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Thursday Video: ‘Emma’s Chance’ Trailer

Slated to release on DVD and digital on July 5, this family film is set on the real-life California equine rescue Red Bucket Equine Rescue!

We at Horse Nation love a good family horse flick. You know the type: a troubled young person gets involved with a horse who needs a second (or third, or fourth) chance; they develop a relationship with various wise advisors; the film culminates in a brilliant underdog victory that saves the horse, the young person and everything they know and love from total ruin.

Predictable? Maybe — but admit it, you love it all the same!

And these family horse films are even better when they help raise awareness of a critical issue: equine rescues and the daily struggle to keep the doors open, the horses fed and to continue the good work of saving more animals. We’ve featured Red Bucket Equine Rescue of Chino, California in a past Standing Ovation column, but we’re happy to see that this rescue is gaining even more attention as the setting for Emma’s Chance!

Check out the trailer here:

Much of the movie was shot on Red Bucket Equine Rescue itself, with real rescue horses making appearances in the film, as well as members of Red Bucket’s staff. Learn more about Red Bucket Equine Rescue by visiting the website, and pre-order Emma’s Chance by clicking here!

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