Come For the 16.5 Horse, Stay For the Comments

Sometimes we get a “Best of Craigslist” submission that deserves its own special spotlight. This is one of those times.

Reader Elizabeth sent this one our way: “This ad popped up on my Facebook news feed today, and there were several intriguing factors.” We took a look and realized that we had true comedic gold on our hands. And today, we share that gold with you, Horse Nation. Enjoy.

We’ll start with the ad itself:

funny ad

Via Facebook

At this point, we know what you’re thinking: “oh, yeah, another 16.5-hand goof-up.” (And maybe a raised eyebrow at the “dapple gray.”)

Oh, but there’s more: enter, the comments. (We’ll color-code the censor bars so you can keep track of who’s who.)

section 1

Via Facebook

section 2

Via Facebook

section 3

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

Uh, yeah. Let’s see that last bit again:

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

Horse Nation, keep it real. Go riding!

Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.

Best of Craigslist: Special Edition

We interrupt your Friday evening to bring you this special Best of Craigslist report.

Reader Halle sent us this message: “Found this while I was searching around horse sale websites.  Not a Craigslist ad, but I thought you guys might be interested!  It looks like a normal farm…until you see the horses they have for sale.”

It start innocently enough: a nice photo of a horse and rider, silhouetted against the setting sun, with a description and brief history of the farm:

Moriarty Family Farms is a breeding and training facility in Pocahontas, Iowa. Run by the prestigious Michael and April Moriarty, MFF produces top-notch horses of various breeds, and the spectrum is ever-widening. Michael and April work with others in the Moriarty family, Michael’s siblings, cousins, and in-laws, such as Chadwick, Minnie, and Mildred Moriarty, to make MFF a completely family-run and very special place.

April May Moriarty, née March, born April 1st, 1988, in Pocahontas, Iowa, was raised in an equine-focused environment, as her father, Frederick Henry March, owned a number of racehorses. She met Michael Matthew Moriarty, who is now her husband of eight years, at a Thoroughbred breeder’s meeting in Kentucky. Coincidentally, Michael’s family was also from Pocahontas, but Michael had been away at a boarding school in Louisiana for the last few years, and they hadn’t had the chance to meet. Over the years, they grew much closer, their mutual love of horses being the first and foremost of their shared interests. Shortly after their marriage in 2007, Michael’s father, Donald Tristram Moriarty, owner of Moriarty Family Farms, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. He left the family farm to Michael, who was more than happy to take up the tradition that had been passed down through many a Moriarty generation. Since then, Michael and April have dedicated every waking moment to their shared passion, and together they have made Moriarty Family Farms the perfect replica of their visions. Now, as they have come to the highest point in their breeding careers, much due to their ownership of Zeus’ Thunder, they have decided to branch out a bit and share their beloved passion with others of their kind: the fellow horse lovers of the world.

Seems legit-ish. Now for the horses:

Max is a spirited, spunky young boy with a promising future. He’s not yet broke to ride, and definitely not for inexperienced riders. To be honest, we’re selling him because he’s a bit of a handful, and juggling his training and everything else we’ve got going on here just isn’t going to work out for us. If things weren’t as crazy as they are, I’d be more than happy to keep this little guy, but as it is, we can’t handle it. I’m really going to miss Max, and I know he has great potential if you just work at it enough, so a good home is an absolute must.

Hey, we get it. Lots going on at your breeding/training/boarding facility, young colt is a handful, needs to move on. The ad photo? That’s bizarre, but surely the other horses for sale make more sense.

Aphrodite Eclipsed is the perfect addition to any Arabian breeder’s herd. Though she’s young, there’s no doubt that she’ll produce only the most beautiful of foals – the Adonises of the Arabian breed. I wouldn’t recommend strenuous riding or competing for her, as her legs are a bit frail and thin, but as a broodmare she’d be extremely valuable. The leg frailty is not genetic (it was caused by an accident shortly after birth), so there’s no need to worry about that being passed down to her foals.

Africa Baby is sure to be the next big thing to hit the track. She’s got it all – speed, competitiveness, and the will to win. All of that, and more, as she’s sure to produce a new generation of winners when she’s done racing. Coming up from the position of underdog, having no relation to any previous big-shots, she’ll wow the crowd and give the world something to talk about. Looking for the next Triple Tiara winner? Africa Baby is right here! Though her appearance may not be flashy, her spirit is, and no one who watches her speeding along in the home stretch will ever forget her.

I’m just going to mention that for fun, I ran “Africa Baby” (as well as all of her ancestors — you’ve got to check out the full ad for the detailed pedigree) through the Jockey Club registry, and these horses don’t seem to exist.

Spork In The Trail is a simply gorgeous Akhal-Teke stallion of magnificent proportions. He’s tall, beautiful, and well-mannered, as well as a fantastic show jumper. Since he is homozygous for the champagne gene, he produces excellently colored foals. Along with the golden sheen so typical of his majestic breed, this beauty also has blue eyes and a badger face marking. Though his temperament is absolutely wonderful, he is not a horse for beginners or more heavy-handed riders, as he is very sensitive and responds to even the lightest command, along with being very in-tune to his rider’s emotional state.

But wait — we haven’t looked at the pride and joy of this farm, the great breeding stallion at stud:

Zeus’ Thunder is an incredible flaxen liver chestnut brindle purebred Lusitano stallion. He has a proud and fiery temper to match his unique and unusual coloring. The brindle is duo-tone, some of the striping in a darker color and some lighter. His mane and tail are like golden wheat in the field, and as thick and wavy as a Friesian’s. He is only available for breeding to purebred Lusitano or Andalusian mares of high quality; we want all of his progeny to be as remarkable as possible for advertisement purposes.

We’ve Googled the farm. We’ve Facebooked the farm. We searched each horse specifically by name, and even looked for liver chestnut brindle Lusitano stallions (because heaven knows, that’s a rare combination). And in the end, our searches simply lead us back to this, this solitary, mysterious ad for a farm that, as far as we can tell, doesn’t actually exist.

So what is this mysterious ad? Why is it listed on a popular horse sales website? What artist created these likenesses? The longer we look, the more we realize that we’ll always have more questions, questions that will never be answered.

Hand-drawn “photographs,” over-the-top descriptions, full pedigrees involving ancestors that appear in no breed registry … Moriarty Family Farms is a land of eternal mystery.

Best of Craigslist fans, this is one for the history books. Horse Nation out.

Best of Craigslist: ‘SMH’ Edition

Sometimes, all you can do is shake your head and walk away. Other times, shake your head and then run out and buy some of these horses. Either option goes.

Another week, another round-up of the Best of Craigslist. Bad spelling, creative photography and plenty of “shaking my head” moments await you. We hope you’ve had your coffee this morning.

We’ll kick things off with this young horse sent in by Christina: we know next to nothing about the horse itself, but we do know it comes with a purple halter.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.31.09 PM

Hello I have a beautiful young philly she is 19 months. She is friendly, halter broken and can lead. She is a little skittish wth the fly spray but other than that does great. She has a purple halter and lead. A grooming brush,two salt blocks and the mosquito spray. If you would like more info on her don’t hesitate to give me a call or txt with questions thanks.


Apart from the other odd spellings and inspiring choice of photograph, this ad from Lynn begs an important question: “Is it fifty thousand dollars or five hundred o’clock?”

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.08.53 AM


Just as an aside, Craigslist allows you list as many ads as you like, all for free… just saying. From Jenna:

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.39.11 AM


This saddle ad is pretty bad in and of itself… but once you start to play “I Spy” with the rest of the photo, you too may laugh to see what’s being used as a saddle stand, as pointed out by Susan:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.11.30 AM


This ad comes with a disclaimer before you start thinking the horse might be aged… from Kimmy:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.56.35 AM


There’s a lot of things we could say about this next ad, but we’re just going to leave it here and let it speak for itself. From Gabrielle:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 5.01.52 PM

2 year old first time in saddle dun good we just don’t need him he is a guiding need more time than i have for him


No, really, the photo does show the stud pony. From Jaye:

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 9.30.40 AM

Offering a miniature stud colt pony. Approximately 6 months old. Dark with white socks. First 100$ takes it. He is at the back, can send better e mail pics if interested


Speaking of ads where the photo doesn’t quite match the text, Emma points out, “So easy to catch, here are pictures of him running away with lead still attached!”

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 4.30.32 PM

Levi has a huge personality, loves attention easy to catch, stands for farrier. He is green broke need someone who can ride him on a regular basis. I think he might turn gray. The inside of his tail is gray and he has thousands of grey hairs throughout his body. He is 15.1 hands and 4 years old. you will
fall in love with him. He
definitely will be a $3,500
horse with hours put on him I
hate to see him go. I can except credit card for full or partial payment.


But it gets weirder… from Kimmy:

image1-8 copy


…and weirder, also from Kimmy:

image2-5 copy


This wanted ad definitely gives us a great idea of what the buyer is looking for. From Kaity: “I don’t think they could be any more vague!”

received_10206724372861006 copy


From Kimmy:

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.18.31 AM

She has a very explosive attitude. Should you be an experienced rider looking for a somewhat challenging proposition, she is the horse for you. She is a large (15.2ish hands) Palomino Paint with the attitude of both! She doesn’t care for trailers or training. She prefers to be sat on and not moved. She has been known to be stubborn and quite abstinent mixed with a bit of an explosive temper tantrum every now and again. She loves to flex her neck and refuse to push forward and as for backing, if you like rearing in the air; you got it. She does have some wonderful traits; she is a lover and a snuggler and quite polite when being led. She stands for the farrier and doesn’t mind being groomed and beautified in the least. She plays well with others of her species and humans on the ground. The reason for us selling her, she would be a great jumper since keeping her in our split fence round pen during training only encourages her to jump over the fence and go graze in the backyard. Experienced riders only call, no meat grinders or horse flippers. She would do great with someone with the expertise she needs to become an amazing lady. Serious inquires only. Call or text 8 one 2 five seven seven 77 nine zero

Craigslist had a special this month on rearing young horses, as evidenced by this ad from Jenny:

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.29.08 AM

3 yr old Rare Chincoteague Pony. Blood line out of Misty’s Flash Flood. She is from the line of “Misty” the Disney Movie. Registration paper’s are filled out with all information to registrar her, just have never sent them in. She’s about 11 hands high. Halter broke & lead line broke. Not broke to ride yet. Foaled date May 26, 2012, her name is Claire. Coggins test negative done on 6-24-2015. Up to date on all her shots.

Please research Chincoteague Ponies. They are rare. The following stats are from the Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce reference the sale of the Chincoteague ponies each year.
Price history for ponies:
2015 – 61 ponies sold (including 12 buybacks), average cost $2,780.00 (Record), high bid $25,000 (Record), low bid $500, total sales $169,519

2014 – 54 ponies sold, average cost $2,772.23, high bid $21,000, low bid $750, total sales $149,700

2013 – 54 ponies sold, average cost $2,161.58, high bid $12,000, low bid $650, total sales $116,725

2012 – 67 ponies sold, average cost $1,442.16, high bid $7,200, low bid $400, total sales $96,625

She is full of energy and young, with great possibilities , she has not finished filling out or growing. She does have a bad habit of nibbling so that needs to be broke but I have not noticed any other issues. Needs someone who has the time to spend quality time with her . As a 3 yrs old she is full of potential with good handling. Or she would make an wonderful companion horse. Hoping for a good sweet home for this pretty girl. Have added a picture of her backside standing next to a 15 hands high horse to give you a better idea of her size & height. Also have her blood line in picture, all the info needed if you desire to register her. Cash only please. We do not have a trailer so she will need to be picked up. Thanks.


… and this ad from Kimmy. To be fair, this seller explains the rearing photo… but why include it in the first place??

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.54.36 AM

$300.00 ….Rocky Mountain 4 month old filly on grass and grain she will make a good 15 hh horse I have been working with her to build her confidence she is fine once caught and petted all over I have crawled front to back and back to front between her legs hasn’t kicked yet she’s jumpy til caught ive been picking all of her legs up grabbing at her tail just trying to go all around her to get her use to me I can back up to her behind push on it with no worries of getting kicked yet still needs more time on her and just petted to death which is what I do for hours every day have been for about a week and half now shes turned out on pasture everyday and brought in twice a day to the barn for grain and working i’d like her to have a good home with other babies and someone that can give her the time and attention she needs
bathed her today…tied her. …and lead her… she done well and handled her all around shes doing really going and ill continue workin with her daily until sold the last pic was her first reaction to the sprayer soon as it hit her but once she saw what it was … just a bath lol she got used to it♥


And our last “shaking my head” ad comes from Becca:

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.25.33 PM

We have for sale a 14 year old unregistered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding . Otis is a nice black gelding that stands around 15 hands tall barefoot. This is one of those hard to find been there and done that kind of horses. Otis is absolutely safe for any level of rider no matter their experience or age . He is a extra broke horse that has been trail rode his entire life and will go any and everywhere that he is pointed. Otis has a smooth gait that you would enjoy to ride . He is the type of horse that we all need because anyone in the family or any of your friends that come over can ride him. Stack as many kids as you want to on his back and just turn them loose and they can have tons of fun.
*Due to Craigslist not allowing anyone’s video’s to be accessed, here is how you can get to our videos…go to www.youtube.com/user/tristabrown166 and you will find all of our videos. Look for the video of “Otis”

We’ll close this week’s “Best of Craigslist” with a reminder of why we continue this series: we love giggling at a bad ad as much as the next horse lover, but the reality is that this column can also be used to unite horses in need of good homes with the caring, loving potential owners who can provide one. We’ve featured some “Best of Craigslist” success stories in the past, and we’d love to do it again. This ad comes from Jenna, who stated that “this ad is more sad than funny.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.41.51 AM

Twh/qtr horse gelding he’s around 17 18 if not older not exactly sure on age can’t afford to keep him he needs weight put on him he is broke he came from a kids camp he would need some work to get him back into riding he must go to a home with alot of grass


Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.

Best of Craigslist: ‘Double Take’ Edition

Sometimes your eyes play crazy tricks on you. Other times, the craziness is real.

On the roster for our latest “Best of Craigslist” extravaganza: a “cute pony with terrible personality,” a couple parents who may or may not be trying to off their kids, a death trap on wheels and much, much more!


First up, from Angela and Courtney:

UntitledDo you have a kid looking for a project? Do you need to teach a youngster how to handle a frisky horse? Do you love a challenge? Do you have hay or grass that needs to be eaten and not need any love or affection in return?

Meet Tara, aka “Tara the Terrible”. She is a pretty little pony we purchased at an auction last year. Little kids were riding her all around, double, triple, and she handled beautifully with or without a saddle. Once we got her home, her personality changed. Drastically.

She bucks.
She rears.
She doesn’t respect hotwire if food is on the other side.
She’s got a cataract in one eye (not blind).
She doesn’t like to be caught, but gives up eventually.

That being said, she doesn’t bite or kick. She likes treats. Once caught, she’ll stand tied, and she’s sound. And she’s pretty. She gets along really well with other horses. Not bossy or “marish”.
I don’t know how old she is, probably in her teens.

Based on her behavior at the auction, she definitely knows how to be a good kid’s pony, but chooses not to. At least not on the first ride of the day.

So if you’re looking for that special pony for the neighbor kid who plays the trumpet too loud late at night, shoot me an email and make me an offer. We’ll have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

Did I mention that she’s pretty?


At least they’re honest. From Sienna: “She let her son ride a 2-year-old mini?? Yikes.”



Another young-horse/small-child disaster waiting to happen from Emily: “Found this on my state selling site.”



Why do people think striking a ridiculous/dangerous pose on their horse is a good sales tactic? Exhibit A, from Emily: “Stumbled onto this while helping a friend look for a horse. Not sure what to think.”



Exhibit B, from Hailie: “Couldn’t help but pass this one along for the ‘Best of Craigslist.’ Looks like an adorable pony, but honestly that man is cruising for a bruising.”


14h Trail mare, not registered lost papers, great horse, 1st timers have ridden, been through several horses to get too this one.. Daughter lost interest

Exhibit C, from Rebecca: “Some interesting poses…”



Moving right along… my favorite trailer ad of the week. From Desiree: “Now this looks like a high class ride! More like a death trap on wheels.



And this classic Craigslist typo, from Callie: “I don’t know about $1,500 bread, or what it has to do with the horse… haha!”


From Natalie:  “Not sure why one would use photos of the 3 Stooges to promote boarding at their facility…. 1. the owners have a great sense of humor; or 2. they’re stooges.”




From Natalie: “This sure is one special stallion. Who knew that he produces atheist foals….. LOL.”



Last but not least, from Leanna: “Medieval jousting horse and  therapy horse?”





Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.

Best of Craigslist: ‘Like Watching a Trainwreck’

Up this week: an unorthodox saddle model, a horse-for-puppy trade, a two-seated saddle, a trailer-selling rant, a (literally) bombproof horse and much, much more!

Ready, set…


From Brianna: “Goats are the new horses! This is definitely something I have never seen.”



From Jessica: “They can’t handle a horse so they would trade for a puppy instead.”




From Jaclyn: “I know this ad is not a horse specifically but I found it odd enough to share. #1 looks unsafe to be that far back over the horse’s hip. #2 I would like to see what is left of the saddle AFTER the horse decides he doesn’t want to be a part of those shenanigans. ”



From Tiffany:  “Just telling it like it is:)”


If you are trying to sell your horse trailer here are a few suggestions.

1. First CLEAN IT!! no one wants to buy a dirty piece of crap. We do not want to see all your horse brushes and horse poop.

2. Understand the market. Why would anyone pay nearly five thousand dollars for a piece of crap when they can buy a BRAND NEW trailer for 5995? First trailer pictured is a Maverick 2 horse slant. Why would I not buy that instead of the dented up rust bucket trash you people are trying to pawn off?

3. Be honest with your selves. Listing a mile long list about how great your trailer is does not make it so. The visual is going to disagree with everything you are saying, as evidenced by the second picture. They claim this dented rust bucket is in Excellent condition. They need a reality slap, a big one fast.

4. Post pictures of the inside so no one has to ask for them. If you are not showing the inside one can only assume you are hiding something as evidenced by picture 3. Seems decent enough for 3,200 but they post no pictures of the inside.

5. Make sure the pictures are not gray black blurry blobs in which the trailer cannot be seen.

Picture number 4, they are asking 5,000 with a clearly damaged tack room door and fender. uhhhh good luck with that.

From Emily: “This isn’t Craigslist but it’s one of the crazier ads I’ve ever seen!! I am a member of the Facebook group Florida Horse Trader and these pictures were just posted. I have never heard of a cage for the back of a truck for hauling a horse! And the time put into making the pictures!”



From Mindy: “They look like two handsome gentlemen despite the funny pic!”



Jessica: “I guess Tank has been in the presence to cannons and “riffles”, which deem him to be bombproof–literally. His 15.5 stature makes him a unique, one of a kind mount. I know these folks are probably have good intentions for Tank, but this ad made me chuckle a little. Also, that back right leg looks a kind of funky, maybe it’s just the way he’s standing?”


That is exactly what he is, and exactly what he is use to. Tank is a 13 year old 15.5 hands gelded OTTB. He raced for numerous years on the track and now is enjoying the retire life of trail riding. Tank has been used for everything and anything. He has jumped, barrels, and has even been used in a few Civil War Reenactments where riffles were shot off of him and cannons were set off next to him. He was ridden in the mountains of Tennessee. Tank has a beautiful trot and canter. Very smooth. He has great hooves. He rides much smoother with a hackamore he will toss his head lightly if he is in a bit. Which is because they were hard on his mouth on the track. Which will be given to his new owner if they do not have one. Tank’s ONLY flaw is that when he first moves his first 3 rides he is a little buddy/barn sour. He wasn’t bad he just wanted to turn around and go back home. Then when we finally turned around to go home he took off but I just gently pulled back told him easy and he led into a walk the rest of the way. He was just excited. After the first three rides, he has never done it since. I think he was a little nervous with being moved to my farm that he was going to be moved again. Anyone who is a serious inquirer can come and go on a trail ride or a ride down the road with us to make sure he is what you want. The first picture is Tank with my 6 year old 45lb niece on him on a trail ride. The second picture is of the whole herd with Tank’s beautiful white heart on his forehead.


From L: “New tires! Especially love the duck tape on the windows.”




Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


Best of Craigslist: ‘That’s Not Even a Horse’ Edition

Featured in week’s edition of Best of Craigslist: a not-horse horse for sale, a saddle-for-sale ad that makes no sense whatsoever, a white Palomino, a sketchy “horse halling” business and much, much more!


From Kaylene: “Haha I guess this is a joke, but you never know!”


Beautiful Horse, no papers, guessing to be around 4 years old. Very sweet, very fast. When I bought her, the owners said she was broke to ride, but never rode her, no time. That’s why I am selling Buttercup. E-mail only please.


From Laine: “At least the pic got her ad some comments. Mostly ‘Can I get pix?’ ‘More pictures, please’ etc. Lol.



From Katie:
Color: white
Breed: Palamino



From Melissa: “I just can’t even…. *facepalm* Internet fail of the day!!



From Lynn:



From Halle: “I thought I should get this one out to the people at Horse Nation, seeing as how this horse looks really thin for a 3-year-old. Maybe a reader will be able to give this poor guy a new home. And the fact that they say it is a ‘brown horse’ and in ‘excellent shape’… I’m not sure whether the weight (or lack, thereof) or the lead rope is scaring me more!”



From Amber: “Everyone needs a horse they can stand up on and canter.”


Offering for sale a nice riding sorrel mare, she walks, trots, lopes, lead changes and backs nice, she side-passes, can be shot off of, we have used her to pony other horses, trail rides nicely, drags logs . She’s in training at Circle H Bar. Price may change without notice


From Katie: OMG…


6yr old 14.5h he Is A Mustang Stallion red With black And Red Main And Tail 4 Black Socks He Leads Loads And Stands For Farrier used As A Breading stallion he Has Never Been Saddled He Is Easy To Catch And He Will Eat Out Of Your Hand He Is And Excalent Stallion To Break And Train very Fast Askin 300 obo


From Lynn: “I’d want this to go away as soon as possible too.”






I have a old beat up trailer that was used for extra garbage or hauling dirt bikes and quads. It needs some TLC but would be a great garbage or bike trailer. Asking $400 or OBO, price is very negotiable. I need this gone by Tuesday of next week. Give me a call and come look at it

Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


Best of Craigslist: ‘I’m Confused’ Edition

From upside-down stirrup leathers and ill thought-out sales photos to spelling that makes you go “hmmm,” this week’s batch of reader-submitted bad ads represents Internet horse salesmanship at its worst.


From Carrie: “Interesting way to attach the stirrups!!”



From K: “Auto correct strikes again?



From Natalie: “I don’t know what this ad says, but THAT’S the picture they chose??”



From Melissa: “This stallion is so taimed he has to be lifted onto the trailer!”


Hello I currently have a stallion horse for sale very taimed.its good with people easy to lift on trailer and to shower him.Now in $4500 I paid 5000 so they can train him any question call me please at show contact info And look for pedro thank you.


From Jessica: “Um, yeah, because I want my son on a hose that is big, has a lot of energy and go, and he definitely needs to learn how to bridal! Along with that… maybe I will let someone who needs therapy to just come out and ride my mare. After all, you don’t need to be licensed to have a therapy horse! SMH.”



From MJO: Nice flip-flops.


This is my favorite horse Sig hes is the best manored horse i ever owned dont care much for salen him but im picken up other hobbys ANYONE can ride this horse if they have any experience at all he isnt a little horse by far hes every bit 16 or 17 hands tall he will do pretty much anything u ask of him load in any kind of trailor walk up and down stairs nothen really spooks this guy and hes is beatiful and he knows it very flashy parade horse or just all around parade horse ive gathered cattle on him but havent done any ropen on him he was raised from a baby colt from my cousin so he only had one previous owner we are in the process of getten another copy of his reg papers but they will be here soon i wont budge an inch papers or not so plz dnt try to talk me down or trade anything cash only…and yes parents this is one of the few u can trust with the kids and grand kids and that doesnt come cheap


From Tammy: You always wonder about these. It’s like, if no one buys the horse today, what then? Maybe you should have started advertising them last week, or last month.



From Gianina: “Interesting spelling!!!



From Jane: “So the picture caught my attention but the ad is funny too!”



Another great pic from JR:


Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.