Best of Craigslist: ‘Bad Ad Blowout Extravaganza’

Inside today’s edition of “Best of Craigslist”: a gelden, a geldon, a turnout stable blanket, a horse for sale because it “doesn’t fit in the back of my truck bed” and much, much more!


From Courtney: “I’m trying to complete a legitimate search for a client, and I come across this ad… Anyone in need of a safe palimno pony gelden? If your kid can get the saddle up there, it can be ridden. Facepalm.”


This is a 9yr old , palimno gelden that would make a good starter pony for a kid , he stands for brushing , and a kid can saddle him if they can get there saddle up there , he walks on a loose rein and won’t trot off with your kid unless they make him , he rides in the pasture or in the arena and will follow big horses (((I can’t text if you are interested in a broke kid pony call me at six six two 260-2026 , he is about 48 inches tall.

From Meredith: “The photos are what make the ad and he’s barely two! Poor little dude!”

UntitledI have 28 month old medicine hat paint not registered broke to death will go any where u want him to go loads shoes great all around horse gelding not gaited.

From Kaylene: “Check out this ad I found. Well as long as the parents dose take good care of it… I’m sure they have had lots of replies!”

Untitledwe are looking to find a pretty horse, for a christmas gift.
For are daughter , doesn’t have to be broke the child, now just had a birthday, and she has been taking lessons to ride and when promised to find her a horse
, it is a gift from god if we can find one. horse they have she has out grown.
I was thinking a rescue,? the parents of the child dose take good care of the animals .
i was thinking about 150.00 200.00 is all we can handle, and yes we do have a way to pick up,
thanks god bless you

From Lauren: “Went on my local ad page and this is what I find. I guess that’s one way to repurpose and and comfort to those old wagons… Yes, those are old car seats.”



From Emily: “They didn’t have a photo were she wasn’t being rude and pawing?!”


Selling a 2 year & 11 months old mare. She is young, great ready to learn new things she knows some saddle not fully broke. Don’t have that much time to spend with her. Make an offer


From Stephanie: “Not sure if Geldon is his name or if she means gelding. She claims he rears on command but most people with rearing horses make that claim.”



From Christina: “Some wild photos here… the dead horse in the field on the end of a rope is my fave….”


From Sarah: “So is it a stable blanket or a turnout blanket?”


From Rebecca:


From Muck Bucket: “CL post seemed normal enough… until it didn’t.”


From Aryes: “Here is an odd Craigslist post.”


From Christina: “This ad seems innocent enough at first, but make sure to look at all the photos and watch the video, you will not be disappointed!”

Untitled“Willow” is a 7 yr old Shetland pony mare. She is 10 hands and is a mocha brown with a long creamy mane and tail. Was ridden western for about a year by my 8 year old. Sweet personality.

For video go to:

Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


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