Best of Craigslist: It’s Not You, It’s Me Edition

Some ads aren’t meant to be funny, but we laugh anyway. It’s not them, it’s us! … right? Find out in this week’s “Best of Craigslist”!

Ah, Craigslist, how we love you. But it’s just not working out between us: you take things so seriously, and we just love to laugh. But first, we want to share with you this video from Dave Showtime Meyer, which perfectly describes the Craigslist experience: (must be logged in to Facebook to view.)

For anyone that has ever bought a horse, we’ve all dealt with someone like this. This video is brought to you by PhoMents, Inc.

Posted by Dave Showtime Meyer on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ah, yes. We’re kicking off this week’s collection with a whole truckload of trailer and tack ads, ranging from the straightforward-ish to the downright head-scratchers.

Here’s a pretty mild example from Rebecca: not a bad trailer at all, but the description certainly conjures up a great mental image.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 4.54.43 PM

Rarely-Use Shoops ’91 Trailer for sale. Had it since 2010 and used it twice (bought it used). Can fit two horses or (yes we tried this) 8 alpacas. Front area of trailer has room for hay storage. Great condition.

$3200 OBO. Call for more details, serious offers only please.

This trailer, on the other hand, is anything but ordinary. (Actually, we kind of want this one to be our official HN mode of transportation.) From Andrea:

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 2.56.22 PM


Hmm, something is not right here … from Lauren:



It’s hard to describe the facial expressions that we’re going through right now regarding this ad, so we’ll just leave this here from Jenny:

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 8.36.17 AM

Used Leather Horse Mount. Good Condition. Measure 16. Leather reins and brakes.


Oversharing is apparently the new normal when selling saddles, from Lisa:

aussie 1

aussie 2

Phew, that was almost exhausting. Like all public horse sales, we’ve got to get the tack and equipment sold before we move on to the horses. And don’t worry, because there are plenty of horses to sell today.

We’ll start with this ad from Kimmy: “I’d hope that all geldings are male …”

male gelding


Don’t blink or you’ll miss this ad — here it is, in its entirety. From Jaclyn:

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.40.21 AM


From Krystyna: “Found it quite hilarious that they felt the need to photoshop this mini stallion in front of the stars.”



He must be out of this world. (Ba-dum ch!) And even better, we’ve found him the perfect date. From Tammy:

pony 1

pony 2

Well, she sounds like a bargain. If you’re looking for something a little taller, you might consider these, from Jaclyn:

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.37.52 AM

Beautiful 4 yr old stud broke to ride born on m please . had his dad for almost 15 yr died last yr . only reason I’m selling him is because of my health . also have to blue roan mare with babys out of him on there side ( they may be blue ) and bred back 2200.each for the 3 in 1 . I paid way more them that for just the mares . I need them all to go to good homes .I might make better deal if you take all and there going to the right place . call are text for more info .


From Katie: “I love the honesty but the spelling is a little rough … ”

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 8.56.35 AM

WHAT I WAS TOLD, AND WHAT I KNOW: Bridget is a Quarter Horse mare(That is what I was told)
: She is about 14-2 hands high sound, an easy keeper, and healthy
: I do NOT have papers on her so that’s is why I don’t know for sure what breed she is(You might found that she acts a lot like a Arabian at times).
:She is not Registered or anything
:When I got her I was told that she was nine and since I have had her for a year
I suspect that sometime between that she turned ten(Since I don’t have any papers I am not sure).

HER PERSONALITY FROM MY STAND PIONT: I will try to be very honest with you. Bridget is a horse period!! She has her days where she will do almost anything for you without you having to get firm, then she has those days which make you want to ripe out your hair because she wont put her foot up on a freakin two inch stomp or pedestal(In the end she probably will put at least one if not two hoofs upon there)but still that doesn’t mean it is any less frustrating. She will also make you laugh with her high spirits. She has a genuine personality, and her ability to learn so quick.
AS FAR AS HER TRAINING GOES: I want lie she has bitten me a few times in the first week a I had her but since then she has never bitten me. She has bucked while lunging her. Her pervious owner left her in a field but she was a trial horse before that. I was supposed to refresh her, but she is my first horse a I obviously didn’t not know how much it really took. I have though took her on several trail rides in which she did good on had only one issue she doesn’t like to move sometimes(She has never gone on a trail ride alone, which I wouldn’t suggest until she has had more training)which would be a easy fix if you had someone with a lot of confidence in there self and in her. Which I don’t.
I would like someone with tones of patience and who will challenge her and take to the next level.
I have done tones of ground work with her. I use the Parrelli Natural Horsemanship with her which has been working pretty well with her as far as on the ground. She has been making progress on “Putting her hoof on a stomp”, she also has been working on trailer loading, lifting her foot for the farrier(Which she as has made a lot of progress on) She baths good(she still a little eh when it comes to water but she doing better) she stands, and ties great, she will trot or walk over logs, jump over barrels, and go over and stand on a tarp. She is great with load noises, cans, jugs, ect.
WHAT SHE MAY BE GOOD FOR: Light jumping, Endurance, trials, and gaming.
I am also up for a trade for a sound, healthy, easy keeper, Mare or Gelding. Around fifteen to twenty (since she is to short for me, a horse that is about 15 or 15-2 hands high. A horse that will walk , trot,and canter no problem. One that is broke enough that a beginner can build confidence on and one that if wanting to start showing would still have it.


Okay, this next horse sounds pretty straightforward, but the photos are definitely worth a second (or third or fourth) look — from Kimmy:




And we’ll wrap up this week with this ad, which needs no further explanation from us. From Kimmy:

horse breaker

Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.

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