Best of Craigslist: ‘Like Watching a Trainwreck’

Up this week: an unorthodox saddle model, a horse-for-puppy trade, a two-seated saddle, a trailer-selling rant, a (literally) bombproof horse and much, much more!

Ready, set…


From Brianna: “Goats are the new horses! This is definitely something I have never seen.”



From Jessica: “They can’t handle a horse so they would trade for a puppy instead.”




From Jaclyn: “I know this ad is not a horse specifically but I found it odd enough to share. #1 looks unsafe to be that far back over the horse’s hip. #2 I would like to see what is left of the saddle AFTER the horse decides he doesn’t want to be a part of those shenanigans. ”



From Tiffany:  “Just telling it like it is:)”


If you are trying to sell your horse trailer here are a few suggestions.

1. First CLEAN IT!! no one wants to buy a dirty piece of crap. We do not want to see all your horse brushes and horse poop.

2. Understand the market. Why would anyone pay nearly five thousand dollars for a piece of crap when they can buy a BRAND NEW trailer for 5995? First trailer pictured is a Maverick 2 horse slant. Why would I not buy that instead of the dented up rust bucket trash you people are trying to pawn off?

3. Be honest with your selves. Listing a mile long list about how great your trailer is does not make it so. The visual is going to disagree with everything you are saying, as evidenced by the second picture. They claim this dented rust bucket is in Excellent condition. They need a reality slap, a big one fast.

4. Post pictures of the inside so no one has to ask for them. If you are not showing the inside one can only assume you are hiding something as evidenced by picture 3. Seems decent enough for 3,200 but they post no pictures of the inside.

5. Make sure the pictures are not gray black blurry blobs in which the trailer cannot be seen.

Picture number 4, they are asking 5,000 with a clearly damaged tack room door and fender. uhhhh good luck with that.

From Emily: “This isn’t Craigslist but it’s one of the crazier ads I’ve ever seen!! I am a member of the Facebook group Florida Horse Trader and these pictures were just posted. I have never heard of a cage for the back of a truck for hauling a horse! And the time put into making the pictures!”



From Mindy: “They look like two handsome gentlemen despite the funny pic!”



Jessica: “I guess Tank has been in the presence to cannons and “riffles”, which deem him to be bombproof–literally. His 15.5 stature makes him a unique, one of a kind mount. I know these folks are probably have good intentions for Tank, but this ad made me chuckle a little. Also, that back right leg looks a kind of funky, maybe it’s just the way he’s standing?”


That is exactly what he is, and exactly what he is use to. Tank is a 13 year old 15.5 hands gelded OTTB. He raced for numerous years on the track and now is enjoying the retire life of trail riding. Tank has been used for everything and anything. He has jumped, barrels, and has even been used in a few Civil War Reenactments where riffles were shot off of him and cannons were set off next to him. He was ridden in the mountains of Tennessee. Tank has a beautiful trot and canter. Very smooth. He has great hooves. He rides much smoother with a hackamore he will toss his head lightly if he is in a bit. Which is because they were hard on his mouth on the track. Which will be given to his new owner if they do not have one. Tank’s ONLY flaw is that when he first moves his first 3 rides he is a little buddy/barn sour. He wasn’t bad he just wanted to turn around and go back home. Then when we finally turned around to go home he took off but I just gently pulled back told him easy and he led into a walk the rest of the way. He was just excited. After the first three rides, he has never done it since. I think he was a little nervous with being moved to my farm that he was going to be moved again. Anyone who is a serious inquirer can come and go on a trail ride or a ride down the road with us to make sure he is what you want. The first picture is Tank with my 6 year old 45lb niece on him on a trail ride. The second picture is of the whole herd with Tank’s beautiful white heart on his forehead.


From L: “New tires! Especially love the duck tape on the windows.”




Readers, if you run across an “interesting” ad in your Internet wanderings, send it our way! Email the link to [email protected]. Who knows – maybe you’ll help connect a horse with a safe, loving home. Go Riding.


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