Noelle Maxwell

Photo Challenge: 18 Horses Who Are Just Done With 2020

From bucking and kicking to sticking their tongues out or giving the world “The Butt,” as one reader put it, these 18 horses and one reader getting through life on their unicorn pool float are straight-up D-O-N-E, done, done, done with 2020 and its curveballs.


Catching Up With Sarah Maslin Nir, Author of “Horse Crazy”

NYC native, Pulitzer finalist and horsewoman? Those are three terms not often seen together. We catch up with author and New York Times metro reporter Sarah Maslin Nir ahead of the release of  “Horse Crazy” and learn why she wrote the book, what she hopes readers gain from it and more!


Standing Ovation by Ovation Riding: Saddle Up and Read

“The most rewarding part is seeing their faces the moment they see the horses – they just light up and it’s amazing! It’s like, a shy child – their parents are like, ‘they never read at home,’ or ‘they never talk this much in public’ – and the horses do that, they’re just magical.”