Reader Photo Challenge: Throwback Thursday

This week we wanted to see your throwback photos. As usual, you, dear readers, delivered and even shared the stories of your first horses (or first experiences with horses)!

“My sister Laina Cee atop our purebred Arabian mare AA Kazaandra (mid 1990s),” photo by Amy Sochor.

“My FIRST Horse at age 17/18 after 7 months of riding lessons, “Gettin’ Kinky” an 18 year old OTTB MARE who had some very STRONG opinions about life, but LOVED me as much as I loved her. She TAUGHT me to ride, softly ride and how to listen to my ride, she is the reason I was pretty much thrown on to anything and everything for “Tune-ups”, from Naughty Ponies to young OTTBs, not because I was anything special, but because SHE was! She died in her sleep, curled up in her stall at the age of 25.” Submitted by Becky J. Cocklin, photo by either Kim Smith Fleming or Randee Souder.

“Some fine equitation by father and daughter (also an amazing example of 80s parenting). Me astride my WelshX pony, Kona, and my dad on my sister’s Anglo-Arab Shiranna.” Submitted by DeAnn Long Sloan, photo by Colleen Long.

“Me and Penny, the 17 million year old Shetland pony my folks picked up for free back in the late 80s… before saddles, helmets, and proper bridles were invented.” Submitted by Jennifer Martin, photo by Patty Shafer.

“Me and my first pony, obviously the ’70s,” submitted by Julie Bortz Stankus, photo by Connie Bortz.

“My first lesson on the pony who later became mine,” submitted by Kasey Walker Minnick, photo by Pamela Minnick.

“Happiest day of my childhood! My very first time sitting on a horse. (Took me another 30 years to have the opportunity to get on one again.)” Submitted by Lise Mahoney.

“My 1st horse as a 2 year old before she was actually my horse,” submitted by Matt Maiello.

“My grandparents had a few horses when I was little and I was known for running under the electric fence and clapping at them to come to me. This was my mom, my brother and myself in the late 80s on Brandy. Her and Cheyenne were the start of my lifelong pony passion- I’m the only one with a bug and 3 horses to show for it.” Submitted by Melissa Richardson.

“Me and Fred at my first horse show (4-H Fair, western halter class) circa 2004. I’d have been like, 11, Fred, 12.” Submitted by Noelle Maxwell, photo by Noelle’s mom (most likely).

“My first horse, Buck. I did learn from him. I was horse crazy and my dad bought him from a man traveling through town with a corral full of horses. Each one $100. I picked the buckskin and I probably new as much as my dad did. He was a stallion too old to have gelded if we had known anything about it anyway. Never had a saddle but learning to ride bareback turned out to be good.” Submitted by Sandy Connoyer.

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