Tuesday Video: Owl Just Be Riding My Horse

This owl is quite possibly a better rider than all of us.

Really, what’s left to say? Watch this owl ride this moving toy horse (bonus points if you turn the sound up) and realize that we are so lucky to bask in its presence. While we at Horse Nation condone the use of helmets any time one is mounted, we’ll make an allowance for this owl, mostly because he’s adorable and also because his riding skills are clearly top-notch.

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Done. That is all I need to see today. What a time to be alive.

Go riding!

Thursday Video: Mule Foal Is Unstoppable

Nothing is going to stop this sassy mule foal — not even the most epic slip and fall ever captured on video.

Seriously, we have a lot to learn from this little mule foal: don’t ever stop being yourself. When you fall down, get right back up and keep on rockin’. If you do something totally embarrassing when someone’s watching, laugh it off and keep following the beat of that wacky drummer.

I’m pretty sure the last time I had this much sass while also being able to fall down, get back up again and continue to be sassy, there was a lot of alcohol involved.

Go little mule, and go riding!

Tuesday Video: Humans Make Great Pillows

Your daily dose of adorable to kick off your Tuesday morning is right here.

Friend of Horse Nation Tracey Buyce is an equine photographer based in Saratoga Springs, New York. At a recent photoshoot at Sarde Morgans, Tracey and one of the newest members of the Sarde team enjoyed a little naptime in the pasture.

How precious is this little guy! Special thanks to Tracey for sending this video our way. Keep an eye out for more work from Tracey in the future on Horse Nation!

Go napping. Then go riding!

Video: Darn Kids, Stay Off the Donkey!

Kids will be kids … and these (goat) kids are definitely acting their age!

The goat’s penchant for climbing naturally leads it to some interesting predicaments, but also to hours of endless entertainment to us as observers. These goats have selected what might possibly be the world’s most patient pair of donkeys to be their jungle gym of the day:

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Go ahead, watch it again. We won’t tell. Thanks to reader/contributor Heather Benson for the tip!

Go goats, go donkeys, and go riding!

Daily Dose of Adorable: Future Baller at Work

The most adorable minute you will enjoy all day long, guaranteed.

Congratulations, Horse Nation — we made it through another week and it’s Friday afternoon. Kick off your weekend with this little dose of adorable in the form of a Rocky Mountain Horse colt named CCF The Force Awakens — known to his friends as Sheldon — romping around his pasture with his oversize soccer ball.

Reader Myranda Grace Elliot sends us the video:

Go out and play, Horse Nation! Happy Friday, have a great weekend, and go riding!

Daily Dose of Adorable: Foal Meets Husky

Our readers just keep those adorable foal-meets-animal videos rolling!

Reader Carrie Levesque, inspired by last week’s video of Rocky the foal snuggling his stray cat, sent us this video of a few-weeks-old Thoroughbred foal named Kahlua meeting her husky, Siku.

We don’t think we’ll ever get tired of foals-meeting-animals videos — what will we find next? Foals meeting birds, foals meeting turtles, foals meeting babies … the possibilities are endless!

If you have a story or video to share with us, don’t hesitate to reach out — we love reader submissions! Email the editor at kristen@nationmediallc.com. Go riding!

Daily Dose of Adorable: Feline & Foal Besties

There’s nothing sweeter than when two needy souls find each other.

Reader Karen Macleod sent this video our way with the following story:

The foal is a 3 week old Standardbred colt who had a pretty tough start to life but is doing very well now. Because he pulled through, we named him Rocky. The kitten is a rescue who just loves everyone and everything! We call him New Kitty — he follows me around while I am cleaning stalls, which is how the love in this video happened.”

Well, we’re full of warm snugglies now — how about you?

If you have a story or video to share with us, don’t hesitate to reach out — we love reader submissions! Email the editor at kristen@nationmediallc.com. Go riding!

Daily Dose of Adorable: Tiny Donkey Trainer

What were you doing at age three? I know I was certainly not starting my own donkey under saddle … but this kid is!

Ellie Evans is the daughter of Skye and Ty Evans of TS Mules, located in Chester, Utah. TS Mules travels all over the country giving clinics, lessons, and also selling some of the best saddle mules you can find.

Ellie is only 3 years old, and is training her first equine to ride (with the help of her parents, of course). She has been riding with her parents before she could walk. Her choice is Penelope the donkey, who is also 3 years old. Together they make a great and totally adorable team.

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Ellie working with her donkey. Sure is fun watching them. Both are three years old and just learning about life.

Posted by TS MULES – Ty & Skye Evans – Clinics/Sales/Training on Thursday, February 11, 2016

You can visit TS Mules at TSMules.com, or check out their Facebook page to be kept up to date on all of Ellie and Penelope’s adventures.

Go riding!

Daily Dose of Adorable: Rare White TB Colt

Meet this beautiful and rare-colored Thoroughbred colt from Rockridge Stud in Hudson, New York!

This little guy blazed around social media immediately after his birth, and America’s Best Racing put together a video to introduce Rockridge Stud’s white colt to the world:

True “white” Thoroughbreds are rare, and the genetics behind them might surprise you: according to this article on PaulickReport.com, this color pattern is not due to the pairing of two rare genetic carriers — it’s basically just a genetic mutation. The reasoning behind this theory is that once these genetics appear, they’re inherited so dominantly that it’s unlikely that they’ve been “hiding” for generations while waiting for the correct combination.

The colt’s dam, Princesspatseattle, is by Airdrie Apache, a white Thoroughbred with a mottled coat, currently recognized as the leading sire of white and spotted Thoroughbreds. His genetic mutation clearly lives on through Princesspatseattle, as this colt is the second white foal she’s thrown.

Best of luck to you, little white Thoroughbred! We’ll be looking for you on the track in a few years.

Fleeceworks Morning Feed: Mini Sled Rally

We realize that there are lots of ways to interpret that title, but we think you’ll agree that this interpretation is the cutest.

There are plenty of winter activities you can enjoy with your horse: snowy trail rides and gallops, sleighing behind a good driving horse, skijoring, snow polo or one-horse open snow-tubing. This video shows another way to get your horses in on the wintertime fun, and it’s totally adorable.

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Cute Little Ponies In The Snow !#LOL | PegaseBuzzAttaque de Poneys !!!

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Thursday, February 11, 2016

While this prospect would be slightly terrifying with a field full of regular-sized horses, it’s downright cute when a score of miniature horses serves as your sledding honor guard.

Go sledding, and go riding!

Tuesday Morning Video: Egghead

Why yes, this IS a video of a horse wearing a chicken as a hat.

Some animal friendships bridge the gap between species — like Rocky and his chicken. Watch Rocky stand so patiently while “his” chicken sits on his head, walks up and down his neck and back, and hangs out on his feeder.

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I went out to check horses and this is what I find. I can say with certainty that this horse is one broke dude. Thank you Lord I needed this today…..Jason Thorne

Posted by Nancy Elwood on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Go Rocky. Go chicken. Go riding!

Daily Dose of Adorable: Dave the Mini

Late January’s massive East Coast snowstorm left us with no shortage of adorable videos of horses scampering about in the snow. This guy might just take the cake.

Sallie Cosgrove sent us this charming video of “Dave” enjoying some deep (to him) snow in New Jersey:

Dave’s owner Michelle Haven states: “He lives in Hampton, New Jersey with 3 other large horses who just can’t quite figure him out. The guy racing him on the other side of the fence is “Indie” my OTTB.

“Dave seems such a serious name for such a little guy that the neighbors call him ‘Dave from accounting’!

“I adopted him last year from an equine therapeutic riding and driving program in Ohio that was reducing their herd. He pulls a carriage and is a perfect gentleman.  He is 9 years old, and always happy and sweet; he even let kids decorate him at our Christmas party.”

Go Dave. Go riding.

Tuesday Video: The Lunging Pig

We can’t even.

If this video doesn’t break the internet, we don’t know what will. Start off your Tuesday morning with this pig… who lunges. As long as he’s following his favorite horse, anyway. As a disclaimer, we should probably mention that we don’t recommend you try this at home unless you have a horse-broke pig, a pig-broke horse, and a couple of handlers who definitely know what they’re doing.

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How To Train Your Pig#WTF | PegaseBuzzHahaha, je savais bien que l’équitation était un sport de cochons !

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Tuesday, January 5, 2016


The feet! The grunting! The PIG!

Go pigs. Go riding.

Kaheeb & Newel: The Bromance We Needed

Check out these two buddies who clearly love to ham it up for the camera.

For a good definition of “bromance,” we turned, of course, to Urban Dictionary, the online repository for all made-up cultural words and slang. A bromance is defined as “a close relationship between two bros to such a point where they start to seem like a couple.”

If you need an illustration, simply observe Kaheeb and Newel, two Arabian horses who clearly enjoy each others’ company:

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Bromance. 󾌧󾆾❤󾆾 󾌴󾌴󾌴

Posted by Kaheeb & Newel on Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Yep. That’s exactly what a bromance looks like. Follow the adventures of Kaheeb and Newel on their Facebook page!

Go riding!

HN Best of 2015 #7: The Sales Video of the Year

The horse seems super-sweet and lovely but the real star of this video is the 4-year-old kid holding the camera.

Earlier this week we posted this amazing lease video. A couple days later (when it rains it pours!) another gem showed up in our inbox. It’s a sale video for an 8-year-old Canadian Warmblood gelding named Paddy, and it has the cutest color commentary EVER.

Reader Kris spotted it on on the Virginia Equestrian Facebook page and sent it our way with the note, “The horse is adorable but the 4-year-old videoing his mom is HILARIOUS! She is such a patient Mom too :-)”

Just watch:

“Mommy, why do you say hit the red button?”

“Mommy, why do you have to have it on record?

“Mommy, now can you do the running? And a zigzag.”

“Mommy, let me tell you something.”

“Mommy, on this camera do the pictures come out? Where do they come out of?”

“Mommy, did you know horses are very good fighters?”

..and the kicker…

“I need to go poop. But I can hold it.”


Here’s a link to the full ad.

Go awesome kids. Go Riding!