This Little Boy Refusing to Get Off His Pony is All of Us

Seriously, we’ve all been here.

Adulting is the absolute stink of all stinkages. Today alone, I’ve had to cancel a stolen credit card, take my car to the shop, and spend $50 at the post office mailing things. That’s real life.

In child life, the saddest thing you will do is be forced to get off your pony. But as all of us know, sometimes that’s the cruelest responsibility of all.

Perhaps no one single human better embodies this emotion than our little friend Devon, who — when his mother politely informs him that it’s time to get off his white wonder pony, Roxy — has a meltdown on the outside that we’ve all had on the inside.

So, we were a little upset to have to put our pony away…

Posted by Adrienne Smyrl on Sunday, December 17, 2017

Favorite excerpts from this tearful negotiation include:

“I don’t want Roxy to go away.”
“But she’ll just be right in the pasture.”
“NO, (followed by incoherent wailing)”
“Well, what else do you want her to do?”
“I want her to play with me!”
“But you’ve already been riding her for an hour.”
“I don’t want her to go awayyyyyyy….”

Devon, you are all of us. We applaud your willingness to say what we’re all thinking when it’s time to get off our unicorns.

Thanks to Gemini Farm for sharing this hilarious, wonderful clip with us, and Go Riding!

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