Tuesday Video: Though They Be But Little…

These mini mounted archers might be the most ferocious/adorable thing we’ve ever seen.

Okay, so they’re not quite a Mongol horde thundering across the steppe at you and making you quake in your boots… but these tiny mounted archers are definitely holding their own and earning their stripes as junior bad-@$$es in the making. “Start ’em young,” as the saying goes, and if these guys have this much accuracy at this age they’re going to be totally fearsome in a few years.

The next time they decide to make another Hobbit movie, we know exactly who they should call for stunts:

Bon ils ne sont pas encore prêt à aller en Iran mais ils bossent.

Posted by Benedicte Vieillard Opoix on Thursday, November 23, 2017

Go mounted archery, go ponies — and go riding!

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