Thursday Video: Hold On Tight…

… and never let go. We’re pretty sure this will be a rider to watch as she gets older.

My first ride (not counting pony rides at various farms or festivals) was on a roughly medium pony, and while I frankly don’t remember too many specific details about the experience I do recall that she was a black and white pinto and that I made a few laps on a lunge line at a successful two-point trot before being turned loose to experiment with things like steering.

I was several years older, and my pony was several hands taller than the stars of this video. And those years and hands make a difference — I know I wasn’t nearly this adorable… and I know I didn’t look quite this hilariously bouncy either.

Seriously, watch this video and try not to grin. I dare you.

Welcome kido to the horse world ☺☺☺

Posted by Horses make me Smile on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hey, her head and upper body might be taking all the shock absorption, but her seat is solid! Keep an eye out for this young lady, because as we all know a pony trot today leads to the Olympics tomorrow.

Go riding!

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