Thursday Video: Like Mother, Like Son

Foals learn a lot from watching their mothers. Case in point…

A foal’s best educator in life is his mother: she teaches him how to behave around other horses, where to find the choicest patches of grass, the joys of stretching your legs in a nice run and the simple pleasures of napping in the sun. She can also be a font of knowledge for other more sundry equine practices… such as the best way to get those difficult spots itched.

Meet baby Roo, who has clearly spent plenty of time learning the most important things in life:

Roo is 5 days old and already becoming his mother????‍♀️ follow him on Instagram for more antics @roos.worldd????

Posted by Grace O'Connor on Friday, March 30, 2018

We can’t make this stuff up.

Go riding!

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