Video: Geoffry the Conqueror Moves Cattle

Our favorite celebrity pony continues to live his best life.

Remember when we first introduced you to Geoffry the Conqueror in April? He’s a self-described “wee bloke” of a Shetland who gets to come along on every adventure that his full-sized equine friends explore; his owner actually typically rides with at least two horses at liberty along for the trip thanks to lightly-traversed forest and beaches in this particular corner of New Zealand.

You don’t typically think of tiny ponies getting to explore much in the way of trail rides, beach gallops and other typical trail horse adventures, but Geoffry leads a blessed life. Earlier this spring, he tried his hand — er, hoof? — at something new and attempted to herd cattle, with his mounted GoPro along to record the day.

Imagine for a moment that you’re one of these cows trying to figure out just what to make of Geoffry: is he horse? Large herding dog? Both? Neither?

Either way, it looks like Geoffry the Conqueror has checked another thing off of his pony bucket list.

Geoffry, though your legs may be short, your heart is that of a lion, and we at Horse Nation salute you. Follow Geoffry at his very popular Facebook page Geoffry the Conqueror.

Go Geoffry! Go riding.

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