Daily Dose of Adorable: The First Trail Ride

Remember the excitement of your first trail ride?

As equestrians, there are several rites of passage that we go through in our horse lives, and each one is a momentous, often emotional occasion: first independent ride, first canter, first fall, first jump (yes, those 4″ crossrails count), first horse show, first horse… we could go on.

Among those special moments is “first trail ride” — do you remember the days when the woods were endless, the fields stretched on forever and the sunlight filtering down through the leaves was the most magical thing you’d ever seen, dappling the neck of your faithful horse?

This reader-submitted video takes us back to the excitement of those days — and we’re not even at the barn yet:

“This sweet young lady, Rosie, has been taking horseback riding lessons on her aunt’s horse for several months. She and my horse Graham are buddies and she enjoys giving him treats. I told Rosie when her aunt decided she was ready, she could take Graham out on her (first) trail ride.

We hope that first trail ride was everything you dreamed it would be. Here’s to many more!

Big thanks to reader Lindsey Hellmuth Peirce for sending us this video!

Go riding!

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