Video: Dope Zebra Dance

Who knew that two men in a zebra suit could be this much fun?

By Lindsey Kahn

Maybe you’re having a rough day and need a little pick-me-up. Maybe you need a last-minute Halloween costume idea. Perhaps you just want to see two guys in an animal suit dance their hooves off. Dear Horse Nation readers, behold: the Dope Zebra.

Depending on your music tastes, you may recognize the Dope Zebra from the music video for LMFAO’s “Sorry for Party Rocking,” as well as other random awesome appearances on America’s Got Talent and a Doritos commercial.

This nimble equine was created by internetainers (“internet entertainers”) Rhett and Link, who are known for their clever and lighthearted commercials, music videos, and vlog Good Mythical Morning. In addition to bringing us the Dope Zebra, these fellas also seem to have a bizarre adoration for miniature horses, as evidenced by their Instagram.

Go Dope Zebra.


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