iGallop: the (Hilarious) Horseback Riding Exercise Simulator

I can’t even.



Winter blues starting to get you down at the barn? Do you wish you could practice your sitting trot when it’s too cold to ride? While the OSIM iGallop is advertised as a machine to help develop your balance and core, the intensity of your ab workout may largely depend on your maturity level (meaning: you may develop six-pack abs just from giggling uncontrollably).

Ellen DeGeneres offers a hysterical case in point:

Equestrians all know how much of a workout horseback riding can be, especially at faster gaits. As silly as it looks, the iGallop is designed to simulate the motion of a trotting and galloping horse, and ostensibly offers a similar workout from the comfort of your own home. Amazon’s description of the product reads: “The OSIM iGallop is the revolutionary exerciser that can help you shape and tone your tummy, hips, seat and thighs. The secret is in its zero-impact, tri-axial riding action. Your body automatically responds to its multidirectional movement, and this balancing engages certain muscle groups and may help improve coordination and posture.”

So how does the iGallop stand up to testing by actual horseback riders?

One Amazon reviewer said:

“It has 3 speeds of the same side-to-side/circular motion, plus a 4th setting that randomly goes through the 3 speeds. In all cases, the motion approximates the 4-beat, lateral gait of a horse who’s walking or racking.

“Speed One is like riding a large horse who has a very clunky walk. Speed Two speeds up and smooths out a bit. It’s like riding a gaited horse who’s not smooth enough to want to buy. Speed Three speeds up again and smooths out even more. Fold your arms and hold them up in front of your chest, keep your shoulders steady, absorb the motion in your hips, and you’ll feel like you’re racking down the road on a decent horse at a good clip.”

That sounds promising!

This cat doesn’t look as convinced:

cat igallop1

cat igallop2

cat igallop3

“Make it stop.”

What do you think, HN readers? Would you buy an iGallop to practice your riding and work your core?

Go Riding!


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