5 Things You Could Do With the Money You Spend on Horses

I mean, you’d be super-sad all the time, but still.


It’s no secret that being involved with horses is expensive. There’s even a saying that goes, “The easiest way to make a million dollars in the horse business is to start with two million.”

No kidding. No matter whether you board your horse or own your dream farm, the expenses add up as our horses eat, sleep, poop, and (sometimes) work their way through life. For many of us, the majority of our income goes toward everyday expenses of horse care, and what little we are able to stuff away in savings is merely an emergency vet bill fund.

Obviously, we wouldn’t trade this life for anything, but sometimes it’s tempting to sit back and wonder what a life without horses could bring. If all of the money that we spent on our horses magically reappeared in our bank accounts, what are some of the fabulous, frivolous things we could possibly spend it on?

1. Take a long, relaxing vacation somewhere exotic. Repeatedly.

If you owned a horse, this would be the perfect spot for a sunset gallop on the beach.

2. Buy a very fast car.

But the important question is: Can it pull a horse trailer?

3. Be glamorous.


Those shoes would be difficult to wear during the jog before a competition. You know, if you were interested in that kind of thing.

4. Buy a luxury home.

The house is gorgeous, but what does the barn look like? I mean, the guest house.

5. Take up an(other) expensive hobby.



According to List25, Equestrianism is the third most expensive hobby, after Motor Gliding and Country Clubbing. By the way, some country clubs offer polo as one of their activities. Just saying.

Okay, admit it. While all of these things would be awesome, they would be even better if shared with horses. Work hard, care for your four-legged family, and love the life you live. Go Riding.


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