#Forward Thinking Dressage

Training in the Right Way: Let’s Talk About Balance

“[C]ollection creates better balance while performing harder tasks, which then also creates greater cooperation from the horse due to having the ability to stay balanced while performing these tasks.”

Training in the Right Way: Road to the Grand Prix — Milestones for Age and Level

A student asked for a timeline for the development of the Grand Prix horse. While there are all sorts of variations and time elements that may get in the way, there is a generally accepted, age-based expectation of the horse’s development.

Training in the Right Way: What is Dressage and Why Do We Do it?

“Whenever you see a rider and horse in harmony and balance, performing their jobs fluidly and enthusiastically, you are witnessing the product of horse training and riding in the right way. No matter what, that is a product of what dressage was initially meant to be.” (more…)