The Rehabilitation of Regal: Purina Feeds Donates BIG!

Regal has gained nearly 200 pounds, but he still has quite a ways to go. The good news? He now has a sponsor — Purina Feeds has donated to Regal’s rehabilitation. Here is how he’s doing.

In early April, we met Regal, a horse that was seized from a horrible abuse and neglect situation. You can read about his journey here, here and here. Today, we offer the latest update. 

We can all use some good news, positive press and uplifting images these days, so here’s an update on Regal, the American Quarter Horse that was rescued from a starvation situation in East Tennessee earlier this spring.

Regal is settling into his new life so very well! Jennifer, his adoptive owner, is constantly monitoring Regal’s diet and the local Purina Feeds rep, Casey Henry, is working with Jennifer to assure Regal gets the best nutrition possible. As part of their nutritional outreach program for rescue horses, Purina Feeds donated a half-ton of Purina Equine Senior for Regal! All those bags of senior feed are showing in Regal’s glowing skin!

Interestingly, one byproduct of Regal’s starvation is he has now lost all his old coat! Currently regrowing a whole bunch of peach-fuzz, Regal is looking adorably hairless these days, but he is steadily gaining weight and loving life. Enjoy the pictorial progress report!

Regal shedding his winter coat – and then some! Photo by Esther Roberts

Regal, Day One of rescue. Photo provided by University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Regal’s topline, 60 days post-rescue. Photo by Jennifer Taylor-Linebarger.

Regal has now gained 200 pounds. He is now a 1.5 on the Henneke scale. Photo by Esther Roberts.

Regal is losing all his hair! Photo by Esther Roberts.

Regal – now having lost all his old coat! Photo by Jennifer Taylor-Linebarger.

Photo by Esther Roberts

All Regal’s skin sores are healing beautifully and no scarring is anticipated. Photo by Jennifer Taylor-Linebarger.

Casey Henry, Purina Feeds Equine Nutrition Specialist, with Regal and his adopter, Jennifer Taylor-Linebarger. Photo by Esther Roberts