2018 Readers’ Choice Awards: Total Saddle Fit Photo Challenge Gallery of 2018

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At the end of each December, we at Horse Nation like to look back on the year that was and highlight the articles, essays and videos that most inspired readers, triggered important conversations or had everyone rolling on the floor with laughter — and then let readers decide which one is deserving of the title of the Best of the Year.

One of our most-loved weekly columns is the photo challenge: we post a prompt on Mondays, readers submit their photos on Facebook and Instagram, and we share the resulting gallery at the end of the week. Which of these most-viewed galleries is YOUR favorite?

The nominees are…

11 Horses Who Are Already Over Winter

A horse at my farm, Max, hiding from winters reality with help from his buddy Teddy. Photo by Melissa Iozzo

View the full gallery there.

19 Horses Who Can Levitate

Denise Lawson Frank: I took this photo of my horse Lester and my dog Limo

View the full gallery here.

10 Horses Who Are Serious About Mud

Melanie Helms: Stakes winning mare Higher Logic loves being a brood mare. Photo by Rachel Dierlam

View the full gallery here.

38 Reader-Submitted Horses Rocking That Color Coordination

Jenny Stremel: Major General has a vast wardrobe that matches his Moms outfits! I love to dress my boy up!!
Photo by Christie Bosna Switzer

View the full gallery here.

7 Farm Fails

100% fail. That time I simultaneously dropped a round bale and tried to climb up the round bale stack behind me. Photo by Mary Sansevere (after I escaped. And changed my underwear.)

View the full gallery here.

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