Photo Challenge: 11 Horses Who Are Already Over Winter

HOW many days until summer?

While many of us here at Horse Nation embrace the changes and challenges that come with four seasons, there’s also a sizable population that, to put it simply, does not.

This week’s photo challenge is dedicated to those individuals, human and equine, that are totally over this whole winter thing.

A horse at my farm, Max, hiding from winters reality with help from his buddy Teddy. Photo by Melissa Iozzo

My mare Holly is over all this Winter weather. We are ready for spring! Photo Credit: Tiffany Gook

Therapy horses Floella, Surya and Ember waiting patiently in line for someone to rescue them from the snow. Location Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association in Duncan Vancouver Island. Photo by Helgi Sangret

Twister says “why am I outside and where is my blannket!?” He hates snow as much as me. Photo by Sarah Jones

Mass protest at work. Photo by Matthew Maiello

Fat, fluffy, and still have on heavy blankets. Photo by Wesley Schroeder

My Percheron X Quarter Horse gelding, Luke, was not happy with a wet spring snowfall, in Alberta Canada. Photo by MaryAnn Isaacson

Rivers first time ever seeing snow. She was not very impressed. Photo by Lynn Thompson

We are crazy horse showing in NWFlorida it was 25 this am and showing at the Coastal Hunter Jumper Series horse show. Bring summer soon! Photo Lexi Pejnovic

Patricia Franz: Barn. Now. ~ Lady
Photo by Jeff Carlson

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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