Photo Challenge: 19 Horses Who Can Levitate

Wingardium leviosa! These reader-submitted horses have clearly mastered this particular magic spell.

Horses lend us the wings we lack, it’s true. But horses can also fly perfectly well on their own, as evidenced by these 19 reader-submitted characters who appear to be floating.

Karen Shamban: Bucking out of the frame by quarter horse Bentley. (photo by Pam Southworth)

My Trakehner mare, Darcy, is a master of levitation. Photos by Megan Hammock.

Griffin (Rocky Mountain Horse) decided to forego the running walk in favor of a trot with some suspension.
PC: Lindsey Kahn 2008

Denise Lawson Frank: I took this photo of my horse Lester and my dog Limo

Miss Lyric practicing for her NFR career on a cold morning. Photo by Rachael Rosenthal

Flash taking the Cross Country Jump Like a deer! Photo by Tricia Rackers

My boys playing. The Arabian is very agile. Photo credit: Jenna Stauder

Fly By. Photo Ginger Mack

Saddlebred channeling his inner Thoroughbred. Photo by Kayla Webb

My Arab endurance horse practicing the long trot. Photo by Lorie Gostin

Running in his new paddock when we got to our new farm. Photo by Ellise Spaulding

Photo by Lea Ditte Marsk Lauridsen

I think he cleared it. Photo by Margaret Wilson

Lexi Poteat Pejnovic: The first day with my OTTB Primarily Denver. When we saw him move for the first time our jaws dropped! Photo Kate Ebanks

My qh Twister. Photo by Sarah Jones

Fanci very unhappy with her pom poms Mayesville sc Christmas 2016. Photo by Cindi Lee Webster-Kratzer

AJ’s Success – Standardbred float! PC: Jessica Austin

Silver Dollars Louie likes showing off his moves! Connemara/TB photo credit Sara Campbell North Jackson, Ohio

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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