Photo Challenge: 10 Horses Who Are Serious About Mud

We had so many participants in this week’s photo challenge that we decided to honor the very best — as in, muddiest — in a separate special finals round! Here are the muddiest of the muddy.

Yesterday we held a consolation round for muddy horses — consolation for the owners that not only did that have to groom out all of that glorious dirt, but they weren’t even the muddiest ones out there.

THESE are the horses taking that top honor.

Tricia Rackers: Steve the retired 5 gaited ASB. He loves mud! Photo by Judy MacDonald Callahan

Melanie Helms: Stakes winning mare Higher Logic loves being a brood mare. Photo by Rachel Dierlam

Renee Scucci: Photo by Thomas Scucci

Joey from Remembrance Farm, he’s just a bay trapped in a Gray’s body! (Photo Credit-Becky Cocklin)

Marian Marlin: Photo cred: Mona Lucas

But why!? Where does one horse pick up so much mud? Photo by Kimberlee Besemer

PC: Megan O’Dwyer Thiel

An AVERAGE day for Dino. Photo credit: Jessica Schaberg

Spa Days are the best days.
Photo By Bethany Adkins

My mud loving boy. Photo by Molly Babcock Forney

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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