Photo Challenge: 38 Reader-Submitted Horses Rocking That Color Coordination

Because seriously, what fun is having a horse if you can’t get him all decked out in matching outfits? (Bonus points for rider coordination as well.)

If anyone makes fun of you for matching your horse, stop talking to that person. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Samantha Kelly-Ellis: Rocking the pink! Photo by Brent Ellis

Echo in his new duds! Photo by Chresta Cannon Haygood

Reyda Ubeda Brooks: Roman and I like to coordinate our outfits ???? (photo credit my very patient and understanding husband Bobby Brooks)

Lime on Flash, photo by Tricia Rackers When my son was young enough to tell him what to wear!

Mandy Endfinger: We always match!!. What you can’t see is that the beadss in her browband and also match as does my fitbit in the first picture. I *may* have an obsession with matching. All pictures are of myself with my girl Chloe (Starfyire’s Phoenix Rising) taken by my husband, Sean.

I have a rather extensive bonnet and saddle pad collection, so Scooter always matches. Photo by Anita Kennedy

Ashley Mullens: We are always matched in our royal purple #teampurple always! Photograph by Andi Ewing

Apron Betty: Coffee and cream look smashing on my blonde boy. (Photo by Emily Latin)

Kalli Bowles: This is my mare Jayne and I. Photo credit to Erin Velguth

Jenny Stremel: Major General has a vast wardrobe that matches his Moms outfits! I love to dress my boy up!!
Photo by Christie Bosna Switzer

Leah Strid: Photo by Myles Strid

Ready to trail ride in late fall. PC: Elizabeth Allyn

Portia Warman: My boy and I wearing our show jump gear after the months it took me to put the set together.
Credit to Skyla Williams and Jessica Boof Whiteley for taking the photo.

Lindsey Hellmuth Peirce: Pink and purple power! Photo by GRC photography (and purchased by me)

TL Moore: Even my cell phone case matches
Photo Credit Michaela Lee

If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, I’m not sure what is! My forever heart horse Delenn and niece Lilli, age 4. Photo by Michaela Lee

Jennifer Lawver: eal men wear pink! ???? My Arabian gelding Gusty and I prefer to stand out in a crowd. No shame in his game, in fact, I think he struts a little bigger when he’s got his gear on! Photo by Holly Campbell.

Rosie rocking the navy, silver, and bling fly bonnet/saddle pad combo! Photo by Aleigh Hutzel

Bays love purple! Photo by Hana Leigh Hanselman

Photo by Sara Carlisle

Signature color: for horse, rider and dog ! Photo by Charlotte Kullen

I love purple and gold. Photo by Jayme Landry Nault

Diana York: Silent Knight’s Shadow
RMH gelding
Photo by Gicker Photography

Jillian Miller: All smiles after a great cross country round! Photo by Aly Werth

Alison Clare Kennedy: All navy! Photography credit: Jessie Schreiber.

Symantha Melemed: Photo credit: Xpress Foto.

Erin Sheets: Photo credit: Lee Ann Zobbe

Merrilyn Elise: My horse’s first ever event. Royal and turquoise everything (not in photo: lucky blue undies). Don’t underestimate proud new horse mamas whose pockets haven’t been emptied yet. Custom bonnet for the 18” division. Eliminated on xc – but they let us canter the finish line!
Photo by Lindsey Schweers

Jenny Smalley: Credit: Photography in Stride

Mary Clare Owdziej: PC Megan Harrington

Robin Clift: My girl, Carmilla, is pretty in Pink!! Thanks to Hilaire H. Hodgson for talking the photo!

Rose Schneider: The color of royalty for the Queen. Photo cred: Adria Fix

Flashy in blue! #horsenation #OTTB #horsesofinstagram

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Just when things went right, doesn't mean they were always wrong. ???? @libby.richie

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Go riding!

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