Kentucky Performance Products Best Photo Challenge Gallery of 2017

Time for YOU to choose the best of the year!

Welcome to the 2017 Horse Nation Readers’ Choice Awards! For 2017, we’re giving readers the opportunity to look back at some of your favorite posts and articles from the past year and decide which of them deserves to win the ultimate year-end title.

For the Kentucky Performance Products Best Photo Challenge Gallery of 2017, we’ve highlighted the six most-viewed collections resulting from our weekly photo challenge: a prompt is announced each week on Monday and the gallery, full of reader submissions via Instagram and Facebook, is usually posted on Thursday.

Check them out one more time and then vote in the poll below! Our Readers’ Choice Award winners will be announced on Friday, December 29.

The nominees are…

9 Times Our Readers Were DIY Champions

The hubs was so proud, we had to keep them in the house as art for a few weeks before I was allowed to use them! Photo by Erika Truong.

View the full gallery here.

25 Fabulous Mane Jobs

View the full gallery here.

9 ‘Helpful’ Barn Cats

Being very helpful during grooming. Photo by Erin Snell.

View the full gallery here.

21 Things That Should Be Scary… But Aren’t

Photo by Judith Craw

View the full gallery here.

8 #EquestrianProblems

View the full gallery here.

8 Tongue-Out Horses (Best of Show)

Milton’s opinion of dressage. Photo by Emily Bernstein

View the full gallery here.

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