Photo Challenge: 21 Things That Should Be Scary…

…but aren’t.

Horses are amazing creatures. They’re terrified of things like suspiciously-moving plastic bags, funny-looking rocks and the color yellow, yet they’ll also tolerate things like ocean waves crashing in their faces, tractors moving large equipment in their personal presence and chickens sitting on their heads. For this week’s photo challenge, we wanted to see the things that by rights should terrify your horses… yet strangely don’t. As always, our readers did not disappoint.

One day while out trail riding this came over us and landed within a few hundred feet. I just turned my girl toward it and she calmly watched it land and then we walked up to inspect it further. She couldn’t have cared any less. Turns out they were land surveyors. Photo credit: Stacey Chepren

My 3 year old Rayna out on her 2nd trail ride ever! First time in a saddle and bridle too!
This proves a solid foundation matters and my horse is a “dumpster diver”! Photo by Kendall Brookhart.

Shugar was a year old here. Photo by KC Quinn Watson.

Photo by Diane Grube

Photo by Judith Craw

Jennifer Williams: I took these pictures of my quarter pony, Kid, supervising my husband attaching diamond plate with drill. Kid never moved, even when asked.

Mr Magee, 3yo Kaimanawa, New Zealand. First time I set up the tarp to teach him to walk over it – before I had finished, he looked at it, sniffed it, stood on it, and asked “What’s next?” Haha, funny boy! Photo credit Jill Dickie

Missy Robinson Miller: Stevie Loverboy, just turned 4yo, 5-7 months off the track. This wonderful blow up slide was accompanied by a very loud generator. Photo credit: Elizabeth Woods Bits & Bytes Farm

This horse will investigate anything in the pasture. Photo by Kim Reese

Photo by Tiffany Coroka

Bella with her new fashion statement. Photo by Lindsey Hellmuth Peirce.

Post hole digger was working and absolutely no fear even while it came back up. Photo by Angie Santoli-van Zwol

My photo of my mare Dell totally undisturbed by the heavy construction going on at the farm. She’s such a good girl. Photo by Mariah Jean Altaqateqa

Running semi truck in the pasture. My new Rocky Mountain gelding Shane went over to investigate, then proceeded to lick the bumper. Photo by Hailey Longstreth.

Gus hanging out at a bonfire (what horse does that!???) Photo by Melissa Michaels

Reo always in the way when I’m on the tractor! Photo by Jill O’Connor

First time and none of them seemed to care. Photo by Stephanie Kager

He thought there might be something yummy on the INSIDE of the bag. Photo by Megan Mosier.

Sarah Borns: I thought this would be an issue. But no. Completely in love with these little demon donks. Photo credit to Debra Legg.

Yearling Ella supervising round pen construction. Photo: Mary Ann Johnstone


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Go riding!

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