Photo Challenge: 9 ‘Helpful’ Barn Cats

Don’t you guys have mice to catch or something?

Barn cats are their own special breed of small predator: they do lots of useful things, like hunt vermin that wrecks your barn and gets into your grain, yes, but they’re also masters of sleeping in really inconvenient locations, laying down right in high-traffic areas and wreaking havoc on things like your braiding kit or equine earplugs (in the cats’ defense, they DO look like toys).

Unsurprisingly, our readers’ barn cats are exactly the same.

Kristen Stanley Norton: Looks like a good place for a nap! Photo credit: Maddy Norton

Being very helpful during grooming. Photo by Erin Snell.

Charlie likes to help in her own way. Photo by Kristin Case.

Hunter says I hope you can mount from the ground I ain’t moving. Photo by Danielle Martin.

Fuji loves that cat butt #catbutt #horsesofinstagram #horsenation #catsofinstagram

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Cricket is never one to miss an opportunity #horsenation #barncat #catsofinstagram

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Go riding!

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