Photo Challenge: 25 Fabulous Mane Jobs

Show season is in full swing, and so are the fabulous manes!

Well, the next time I want my horse braided, banded or mane rolled, I think I’ll just put a call out to our readers, because Horse Nation certainly has some talented grooms out there (or at least they know where to hire one!).

Well, for the most part. There was this one:

My Mare sporting the efforts of some summer pony camp campers after learning to braid for the first time. Safe to say she was not amused with the style, but she was a tolerant teacher. Photo by Danielle Keating

Okay, she gets a blue ribbon just for patience.

“Mr Magee” A pure Kaimanawa wild horse from New Zealand posing for his photo. He loves the camera! Photo by Jill Dickie

I’ve never been very good at tidy little buns, so fat lumpy buns for Kaleybug! Photo by Mekaela McKanna

Photo by Meghan Rinda

Mandy Endfinger: Taken by my husband Sean Endfinger at our first show of the year.

Josie LaForge: The mare I used to lease, owned & braided by my trainer Jessica Pilley, Photographed by Terri LaForge.

Photo by Christina Brock

Photo by Clare Swanson

“But mom, braids make me look like a girl” Hackney pony Tuffy, photo by Kayla Webb.

Just playing around with some rubber band braids. Photo by Jessica McDonald

Cheyenne and a French braid. Photo by Madison Anglebrandt

Photo by Reaghan Griffin

Horse: “Yahtzee”, Canadian Horse Stallion. Photo by Kristina Eckert

Lorie Inglis: “Banana” our draft cross. Love this boy to bits. Photo by Sierra Inglis

ia Dalma sporting her double French braid for her dressage test. Photo by Heather Dyer

MP Panos: Play Like A Raven – Maryland bred TB sporting red, black, gold, and white braids for VaHT 1* stadium round (Photo credit: Lydia Williams) rider: Michelle Warro Owner: Darrell Emerson

Photo by Kelsey Quack

Photo by Delany Simonis

Kirsty McKenna: Percheron, Cobigan Stardom, photo by Gail Opperman

Photo by Sierra Isak Horse: Penny For My Assets – AQHA.

If your fingers aren't sore by the end then you're just not doing it right. #horsenation

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Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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