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Wednesday Video(s): Amusement Park Rides

As horse people, there’s wrong with us… okay, so there are a lot of things wrong with us. But for the purposes of this piece it’s that even when we’re trying to take a break from horses, we can’t get enough of them. Even if we’re not actually feeding, grooming, and riding real life horses, we get super excited to pretend we are when we’re someplace that, theoretically, has nothing to do with horses. Why is that?

That’s a musing for another time, but in today’s edition of not actually horsey horse things, we present these amusement park rides at the UK-based Pleasure Beach Resort. Both are horse race inspired. Here’s a slightly different take on a traditional carousel:

And then there’s this horse race where riders actually get to ride double:

We won’t lie, we absolutely would ride these rides… and take plenty of pictures to prove it (add it to the bucket list).

Happy Wednesday, Horse Nation. Go riding! (Even if it is just at an amusement park.)