Wednesday Video: Pack Burro Racing…

… and catching.

Here’s a bit of a different sport for your Wednesday — pack burro racing. Yes, it’s a thing (we covered it back in 2017; you can see those posts here). And according to Jatha Austin’s Facebook post, it’s the new Summer Heritage Sport of Colorado. After all, how else do you get to see 63 runners with burros loaded up with gold pans, picks and shovels start out on an eight mile run?

There also seemed to be some miscommunication between some burros and their handlers, which resulted in Austin catching two loose donkeys and returning them to their handlers. This actually let to what I think is the best part of the video — Austin catching a loose burro, asking a runner if its his, and then telling him, “Hang on to your ass, now.” This is my brand of humor.

Hang on to your a$$ and go riding, Horse Nation. Happy Wednesday!