Diversity scholarship

Centered Riding® Inc. Accepting Applications for Instructor Diversity Scholarship

In an effort to create more robust opportunities for riding instructors who are Black, Indigenous and/or Persons of Color to train and certify as Centered Riding Instructors, the 2022 Centered Riding® Inc. scholarship is back. (more…)

Lea Jih-Vieira: ‘Breaking Down Financial Barriers’

“There are countless times I turned down offers to play in tournaments because I could not afford it, or times I was only able to play because I had connections to people generous enough to subsidize the costs for me. I have missed so many opportunities to improve my game solely because I could not afford it.”


Kimberly Kojima: ‘If There Is an Opportunity to Give Someone a Leg Up, One Must Do So’

“If there is an opportunity to give someone a proverbial leg up, one must do so, another value my father instilled in me. By using each of our connections to ‘pay it forward’ we can open doors that may otherwise be locked for newcomers.” (more…)

Muhammad Shahroze Rehman: ‘Why Don’t You Come Sit With the Eventing Team?’

“I believe that diversity and inclusion in equestrian sport provide us not just an opportunity to compete with people from all over the world, but it also gives us a chance to explore and understand people from different nations, cultures, ethnicity, and genders …” (more…)

Leilani Jackson: A Minority Volunteer Perspective

“The news of the abuse from the trainers met me at the office. As I walked past the three workers who were sitting behind the desk, they held their heads down and did not look at me.” Leilani Jackson is a retired school teacher who wanted to find a way to pursue her interest in horses.  Today she shares her experiences as a volunteer.


Julie Upshur: ‘The Reluctant Ambassador’

“I don’t get to be impatient or irritated. I may be the only Black equestrian these people see, and so, like it or not, I carry my entire race on my shoulders. The white riders don’t have to do that. They don’t have to think, ‘Let me represent my race well!’ before riding into a ring or interacting with a stranger.”


Jen Spencer: Meet the Creator of Instagram’s ‘Black Equestrians’

“This sport has people from all walks of life, different income brackets, different races, different sexual orientations and different ages. The best way to increase diversity within our sport is if we create a sport where everyone sees a reflection of themselves…” (more…)