Poetry (In Words and Image): Wild Horses

Here’s a chance to revisit the Mustangs of Onaqui through the moving photographs of Kisa Kavass.

We were introduced to the wild Mustangs of Onaqui HMA, Utah by photographer Kisa Kavass in the following articles:

The horses have moved Kisa to preserve them in poetry and photography  — “The Horse Wins the Kingdom.”

Kisa shares her insights with titles like:

  • “Old Man” – We think he endures life alone, but he is not forsaken. He claims so many believers, followers whose hearts he has taken. (“Old Man” is one of the most recognized and beloved stallions of the Onaqui herds. He has disappeared. At 30 years old, he probably died in freedom.)
  • “Wolf” – I lay awake last night, listening to the falling rain. When I fell into a deep sleep, I had a dream that a wolf came to my window. . .  the raw emotions he laid before me, to guide me, to place trust in my heart. . . .

  • “Never” – To never know what was lost, to never run free into the setting sun, to never feel the spirit of the herd, . . .” (Delta Wild Horse and Burro holding facility, Utah.)

The Horse Wins the Kingdom and Kisa’s photography are available on her website wildhorsephotography.com and at Edition ONE Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Kisa’s insightful photography has motivated me to become better educated on the plight and fate of the wild horses of North America. The images speak to me and guide me to act to support our heritage horses and to make educated choices in how I share their land.