Behold Freedom: Wild Mustangs of Onaqui Mountains

In the first installment of a three-part photo essay, we meet the the wild Mustangs of the Onaqui Mountains.

Photographic essay by photographer Kisa Kavass —  June 2019.

Ms. Kavass travels west to study the wild Mustangs. She observes and walks among them. She also volunteers to aid all breeds of rescue horses by taking photos for adoption postings for Horse Plus Humane Society.

The Joy of Being

Into the Wind

Ms. Kavass shared: “These wild Mustangs are part of the Onaqui Mountains herds just southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. The images show how close the horses are to each other.”


Breath of the Wind

“Imagine them being taken away from the land on which they run freely and the families that clearly love each other.”

Best Friends

Red Lion

“I have visited them often enough to become familiar with them and they have allowed me to walk amongst them and follow them. Their acceptance is magical.”


New Life

For the next installment in this three-part series, meet foal Cooper and dignified stallion Old Man.

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