Tuesday Video: Strength and Balance Drill for All Disciplines From Pippa Funnell

Even the very best practice the basics every day — and Pippa Funnell is no exception! Check out her set-up to work on flatwork, jumping, and your own position and balance all at once:

In a true exemplification of the “never stop learning” adage, Rolex Grand Slam winner Pippa Funnell shared a training exercise that’s useful for all disciplines as we prep for another season. Using just a few poles set up strategically and a few small jumps, Pippa demonstrates a technical exercise ridden without stirrups to strengthen the rider’s balance and position.

You can see Pippa demonstrating the exercise in the video below (can’t see it? Click here to watch it on Instagram). Notice how she uses her seat, leg, and body to collect and execute downward transitions, using this change in balance to affect the horse’s stride without leveraging on the bit.

Watch, then try it for yourself!