Kentucky Performance Products: Using Electrolytes During the Colder Months

Does your horse need electrolytes during the fall and winter?

Electrolyte supplementation in colder months depends on how much a horse is being ridden and how well they are drinking.

Electrolytes contain sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Electrolyte Supplementation

Horses that are ridden lightly a few times a week and drink well probably get suffi­cient electrolytes from hay, concentrate and salt block.

These horses probably DON’T NEED supplementation:

  • Horses no longer in work
  • Horses hacked once or twice a week
  • Horses in light training
  • Horses that continue to drink an average of 10 gallons of water a day in colder weather

Horses that train hard and sweat daily may require a well-formulated electrolyte supplement even in colder months.

These horses probably DO NEED supplementation:

  • Horses that remain in hard work
  • Horses that don’t drink enough water when the temperature drops
  • Horses that sweat regularly
  • Horses in warmer climates

Ensure the electrolyte is still useable when spring returns.

  • Read storage recommendations and follow them closely.
  • Check the expiration/best buy date.

Summer Games® Electrolyte

  • Replenishes critical electrolytes in the proper ratios.
  • Supports drinking and maintains hydration.

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