Vitamin E Deficiency, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Almost any horse can be at risk of a vitamin E deficiency. Do you know how to spot it?

Subtle signs of vitamin E deficiency often go unnoticed.

  • Stiff during warm-up
  • Sore after exercise
  • Sour attitude when ridden
  • Lack of energy and impulsion

More obvious signs can be confused with other illnesses:

  • Evidence of muscle myopathy
  • Neurological symptoms
  • Weak immune response

A poorly developed topline can indicate a vitamin E deficiency.

What horses are at the highest risk of vitamin E deficiencies?

  • Performance horses that are competing and traveling regardless of turnout
  • Horses of all ages that don’t graze on good grass for at least 12 to 17 hours per day
  • Horses on restricted diets
  • Horses grazing on winter pasture

How do you determine if your horse is deficient?

  • The best way to tell if your horse is deficient in vitamin E is to have your veterinarian draw a blood sample, which will tell you the exact level of vitamin E in your horse’s system.
  • A blood sample will tell you the exact level of vitamin E in your horse’s system.

What is the best vitamin E supplement for my horse?

The Elevate® family of natural vitamin E supplements provides a highly bioavailable source of vitamin E to your horse. Elevate is research-proven and veterinarian-recommended.

Choose Elevate® W.S. when fast action is required.

  • When administered, Elevate W.S. will quickly increase circulating blood levels of vitamin E.
  • Elevate W.S. vitamin E is readily available and effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier.
  • Elevate W.S. is available to licensed veterinarians only. If you wish to purchase Elevate W.S., please contact your veterinarian.

Choose Elevate® Maintenance Powder for long-term supplementation.

  • Delivers a highly bioavailable source of natural vitamin E that is preferentially absorbed and retained in the tissues.
  • Does not contain other minerals and vitamins that might cause imbalances.

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