World Equestrian Brands HC: Yes, More Dolphins

#sorrynotsorrry that we’ll never, ever get tired of these racehorse dolphin helmet cam videos from Australia.

Admit it – every single equestrian has this dream of riding their horse in the sunset on a beach (and having a fantastic photographer there to capture every moment). This weekend, however, one of the riders at Wez Hunter Racing in Australia raised the stakes on our beachside dreams by riding a racehorse… with some dolphins.

I think it is safe to say that the stereotype that all OTTBs are spooky and unpredictable gets tossed out the window after seeing this. While my Joey wouldn’t be able to keep himself together if we ever had this opportunity (he is afraid of butterflies, so yeah, dolphins might pose a bit of a problem one day), the super brave mare Magnatti didn’t even flinch as she tread her way through the waves with dolphins beside and in front of her.

Wez Hunter Racing, like many training barns in this dream location in Australia, has access to the beaches at Balnarring and Dromana which provides prime training grounds, both on the sandy strip near the water and in the water itself. The dolphins are just the icing on that particular cake!

Even without the dolphins, who could possibly pass up a view like this? Here’s Magnatti again, warming up along the beach.

Well, you’ll know where to find me if I turn up missing.

Need more dolphins and horses?

Go riding!

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