World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Dolphins & Horses

This is one combination that never, ever gets old: watch racehorses training on the beach in Australia while dolphins share the waters.

Dolphins strike me somewhat as the horses of the ocean — they move in family pods, they play and cavort for fun, they move with a certain elegance that has always inspired humans. Sound familiar?

So when we get to see dolphins and horses together through the eagle-eye view of a drone camera, it’s a particular delight. Enchant yourself with this brief drone footage of racehorses training on Balnarring Beach as dolphins glide by in the quiet water.

Balnarring Beach on the Mornington Peninsula lies near the southernmost tip of Australia, providing plenty of opportunity for racehorses to breeze on the sands and get a little saltwater therapy in the shallow sea — as well as ample opportunity for a little interaction with the ocean wildlife.

Sharon Lee Chapman Photography has captured other quiet, almost ethereal moments along Balnarring Beach, such as this drone video:

We’ll never get tired of watching dolphins and horses at the meeting of land and sea. Go riding!

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