Dubarry Tuesday Video: Beach Ride… With Dolphins

If this isn’t on your bucket list yet, it will be after you check out this video.

As if this ride along the beach at dawn doesn’t look serene enough, with the steady swish of quiet waves lapping against the beach punctuated by cadenced hoofbeats, let’s just go ahead and throw some dolphins in there.

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Horses Swim With Dolphins#PauseTendresse | PegaseBuzzQuoi de mieux que de nager avec les dauphins ? Se balader à CHEVAL avec les dauphins !!

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Wednesday, December 2, 2015


How cool is that?? I love that the horses, while wary, are pretty accepting of these oceanic visitors, and the dolphins simply cruise alongside for a bit like they’re just swinging by to chat before moving on.

Go riding! (And bonus points if you manage to go ride alongside a dolphin.)

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