Horse Addiction Screening Quiz

The Office of Health Care Programs at Johns Hopkins University Hospital developed this screening quiz for alcoholics. We replaced the word “drinking” with “riding.” Find out if you have a problem with horses.

  1. Do you lose time from work due to riding?
  2. Is riding making your home life unhappy?
  3. Have you had financial difficulties as a result of riding?
  4. Do you ride to escape from worries or trouble?
  5. Have you ever been to a hospital or institution on account of riding?
  6. Do you crave riding at a definite time daily?
  7. Do you ride alone?
  8. Do you turn to inferior companions and environments when riding?
  9. Have you ever had a loss of memory as a result of riding?
  10. Has a physician ever treated you for riding?

According to the experts at Johns Hopkins University Hospital*, answering “Yes” to even one of these questions is a sign that your riding patterns are harmful and considered horse dependent or horse-o-holic. You probably have a serious mental illness. And a problem with alcohol. And/or money.

Seek an evaluation by a licensed healthcare professional as soon as possible. (Veterinary consults don’t count.)

*No one at Johns Hopkins had anything to say on this survey or possible horse-related addictions. Yet.

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