News: Colorado man arrested for drunk riding

He was on his way to attend his brother’s wedding 600 miles away in Utah. Also, there was a pug named Bufford in his backpack. IN HIS BACKPACK.

This isn’t the first drunk riding news story Horse Nation has reported on (see links below). But it might be the most random.

Patrick Neal Schumacher, age 45, was “pulled over” by police after he was spotted wandering into Boulder traffic. He told police he had previously lost his driver’s license so had decided to make the journey to his brother’s wedding in Bryce, Utah by horseback. After failing a field sobriety test, a search of his saddle bag turned up a small pistol and several beer cans.

Also, the pug.


Schumacher was arrested on misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty, prohibited use of weapons and reckless endangerment, as well as drunken horseback riding, which is a traffic infraction.

“This is pretty unusual,” police spokesman Ryan Huff told the local news. “It’s probably the first time in department history that we have pulled someone over for driving under the influence while on a horse.”

Also, THE PUG.


Schumacher spent the night in jail while horse Dillon and pug Bufford were impounded with the help of animal control and the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. But man, horse and pug hit the road again Tuesday after being released on bond.

Here’s a Daily Camera interview with Schumacher as he prepared to continue his journey:

The three travelers hope to make it to Utah in time for the Sept. 20 wedding. It’s not Schumacher’s first horseback roadtrip, as he once rode Dillon from Utah to South Dakota. He even brings shoeing equipment should he need it along the way.

“It’s just me and this little guy and this big guy, and we go all over the place. We want to go someplace, we go,” Schumacher told Daily Camera.

Godspeed Schumacher, Dillon and Bufford. Go Riding Sober.

Many thanks to the readers who brought this story to our attention!


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