In the News: ‘Man twice rides horse into Scott bar, lassos man in parking lot’

That’s a headline from The Advocate about a Louisiana man who made several poor decisions last night, resulting in his arrest.


According to the story,

“The drunk man twice rode his horse into a saloon called Cowboy’s late Tuesday night, lassoed a man outside the bar in the parking lot, then rode the horse around the lot pulling the helplessly bound man.”

Jeremy Rene Mouton, age 26, has since been booked on counts of disturbing the peace, remaining after being forbidden, second-degree battery, and public intimidation and retaliation. His initial court date is set for Friday.


Bad idea, Jeremy.

Read the full story here.

As you can imagine, it’s not the first time someone has had the bright idea to ride their horse into a bar…






But, like so many things that seem like a good idea when you’ve had one adult beverage too many, it’s probably not.

Go Riding, but not into a bar.


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