In the News: ‘Billings woman denies DUI after drunken horse ride’

That’s a headline from a story in the Billings Gazette about a 43-year-old woman who is now facing charges in Montana.

On April 29, Dawnalee Ellis-Peterson attracted the attention of local police while riding her horse through a Billings neighborhood in a state of obvious inebriation. After police confronted her, she rode back to her house, drove away in a pickup truck and was subsequently arrested.

She plead not guilty to felony DUI charges, as well as misdemeanor charges of driving without a valid license and driving without insurance, in District Course on Friday.

It’s not the first time the woman has been in trouble with the law.

According to the story,

In 2004, Ellis-Peterson was arrested for disorderly conduct for riding a horse in the same area while partially clothed and drinking from a can of malt liquor.

Ellis-Peterson has prior DUI convictions in 1993, 1997 and 2007.”

Read the full story here.

Go Riding, sober.


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