OTTB United

Thoroughbred Logic, Presented by OTTB United: Buying The Appropriate Horse (A Seller’s Perspective)

“… if that barefoot, forage-only Thoroughbred needs shoes as the ground gets harder, or needs grain to help supplement their hay and grazing, I want to make sure mine are in a position where the owner will simply run to the feed store or call their talented farrier and make sure they get what they need.” (more…)

Three Things to Love About OTTB United, the New Marketplace for Thoroughbred Lovers

OTTB lovers, this one’s for you! The OTTB United app has created a marketplace and a source of community — and it’s got all the convenience buyers and sellers need. Learn more in the first part of our review series: (more…)

Thoroughbred Logic, Presented by OTTB United: Trust, Patience and a Little Smarts

“Trust and patience help transform the off-track horses that come here into quiet and manageable creatures on the ground, even if some have some pretty sh*t… errr…I mean… pretty “complicated” tendencies when they arrive.” (more…)

Thoroughbred Logic, Presented by OTTB United: Why We Clinic

“… this is where clinics are cool. So when 10 Thoroughbreds and around 40 folks who share a common interest in these horses came together, the process and the progress became central. At the very least, the horses got to experience somewhere else that was not ‘home’ and which was also not the track.” (more…)