Tuesday Video: Horseboarding, the Next Big Thing

No, we don’t mean “boarding your horse” — we mean horseboarding, the equestrian extreme sport you’ve never heard of.

Horseboarding is picking up speed across the UK faster than a horse out of the starting gate: a horse and rider tow a mountain boarder on a rope around an obstacle course, seeking the fastest time and the fewest faults. It blends the skills of accurate riding and a strong partnership with the horse with the athleticism of snowboarding over arena dirt or turf, and it’s simply wild to watch.

Check out this feature courtesy of BBC Breakfast:

What we love about horseboarding is that it’s not just a new outlet for adrenaline junkies: as mentioned in the video, horseboarding requires the boader to learn quite a bit about horses and horsemanship, and many horseboarders wind up taking riding lessons themselves. While this might not be the most conventional route to becoming a lifelong equestrian, we salute horseboarding for introducing new riders to the sport!

To learn more about horseboarding in the UK, click here to visit the organization’s website!

Go horseboarding! Go riding!