Video: Hitching a Ride on the Donkey Express

Stop what you are doing right now and watch this goat ride a donkey like it’s no big deal.

Down to Earth Farms Petting Zoo┬ámay have posted this video to introduce the world to Thumbelina Star the calf, but the true stars of this viral video are Misty the donkey and her passenger, Lil’ Johnny the goat. According to the farm’s Facebook page, Lil’ Johnny is known to jump up for a ride, “especially when treats are around!” (Note: must be logged in to Facebook to video this video)


Our newsest addition to the farm! Thumbelina Star, a calf that was born last year a liitle on the small side!!

Posted by Down To Earth Farms Petting Zoo on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Horse Nation has a long and decorated history of showcasing goats with their equine friends:

What’s your favorite? Go riding!