NickerDoodles: Barn Dog Problems

If you have a barn dog, this comic from NickerDoodles should look pretty familiar.

I love my border collie, who accompanies me to the barn every day and faithfully jogs alongside my horse when we’re riding on the farm. There’s just something about having your horse and your dog for company — there’s no need for conversation, just companionship.

That said, there are several things about my barn dog that I don’t particularly love — like her penchant for snacking in the horse or cow pasture when I’m not paying attention. At least I know I’m not alone.

Comic by Melanie Eberhardt.

Comic by Melanie Eberhardt.

Go riding!

About Melanie: I am an artist in Atlanta. When I’m not painting, I’m riding horses.  I started NickerDoodles to document the horsey antics that abound within my world. I hope everyone enjoys NickerDoodles. Please follow Nickerdoodles on Facebook here.