Introducing our newest comic strip: Horsin’ ‘Round

The man behind the madness is John Mason. I’ll let John explain how he got into the amateur horse comic strip making biz:

Two years ago I finally broke my disappointing streak of living in Kentucky all my life (24 years at the time) and having never ridden a horse. For years I considered it like blasphemy. That’s when I met Maggie Hitron, who would become my girlfriend, an eventer. Just a week after meeting her, I was riding Riley, one of two of her thoroughbred eventing horses. The more and more time I spent out at the barn, at shows, and spending quality time with Riley and Will, they started to take on characters of their own in my head. Part of the fun (and a way for me to waste hours and hours at the barn or at shows was to create different adventures or just funny things that would happen to Riley and Will. Riley’s personality to me is the annoying younger brother mixed with a little Eric Cartman from South Park. He’s also a little bit of a pansy. Will, on the other hand,¬†was the knowledgeable big brother who puts up with Riley. And, like most older brothers, still pestered his little brother. Will also was like an old war vet, but he would just tell stories about ‘The Track.’

So many ideas were in my head I had to do something with them, so I started the comic ‘Horsin’ ‘Round.’

Presenting the first installation of “Horsin’ Round,” a riff on Charlie the Unicorn:


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