Tuesday Video: Schooling Through the Circus

It’s amazing that just this one horse, one pony and one dog make for a riding experience way wilder than the average horse show schooling ring.

Next time you think your riding arena is getting a little busy, think back to this video and count your blessings that these shenanigans aren’t going on while you’re trying to school a little passage.

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Never fear; the horse, the mini and the dog appear to be getting along well rather than fearing for their lives. However, we don’t recommend that you try this one at home.

Go riding!

This Mini Horse Stallion Is Sooo Adorable, I Mean, Fierce

Reader Cat Tracy posted this video on our Facebook wall and it was just too cute why do I keep doing that fearsome to keep to ourselves. That high-pitched squeal manly battle cry combined with his tiny little rears ferocious body language is almost too much to handle.

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Go Riding!