Daily Dose of Adorable: Equine Odd Couples

You can’t choose who you love and neither can these three horses.

Garfield and Gemma


“Garfield the 12-week-old cat has bonded with placid three-year-old Gemma, who lets her mate bat her around the ears. Fearless Garfield isn’t bothered by Gemma’s heavy hoofs. They snuggle in Gemma’s stable after a day of playing.” — Adorablog

Boss and Contino

“The two unusual BFFs have a beautiful relationship, and Boss is known in his hometown of Lima, Peru, as the ‘Horse Whisperer.’ Boss has had no complaints when it comes to ‘taking care’ of his much larger friend over the past couple years.” — AOL

Morris and Champy

“My cat likes to ride my horse, he’s probably clocked up more riding time than I have and that’s not because I don’t ride often, I’ve just ended up with a cat and a horse that have become best friends,” Jennifer Boyle commented to Love Meow.

Do you have your own odd couple? Shout out in the comments section!

Go Riding!


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